in Edirne, 8 Mart The world women dayIn Istanbul, women organized a bazaar with the slogan ‘Solidarity Keeps Alive’ consisting of sweets, pastries and hand-knitted goods that they prepared in their homes to be sent to earthquake victims.

EdirneMayor’s Office Women Family Women who came together on March 8, International Women’s Day, with the organization of the Services Directorate, Kahramanmaras organized a bazaar for the survivors affected by the earthquakes. Edirne Municipality In the bazaar, supported by the staff, Turkish Culture Handicrafts Production and Development Center, Morev Women’s Workshop, Producer Women’s Market and Labor Market, and women who are members of non-governmental organizations, handmade items such as sweets and pastries were also offered for sale. Before the bazaar, Edirne Women’s Solidarity Platform celebrated International Women’s Day by laying a wreath at the Atatürk monument.


Mayor of Edirne, who opened the bazaar Recep Gurkansince the first hours of the earthquake. TurkeyHe noted that the people of Edirne, like everywhere else in Turkey, showed an extraordinary example of solidarity.

Gürkan said, “We need to maintain solidarity. The bazaar opens with a very beautiful slogan: ‘Solidarity Makes You Live’, yes, it really brings solidarity. I say that as someone who has seen that region, there is such a great destruction and destruction that you cannot believe it. Imagine that a district, almost the entire city, does not exist, in ruins. It’s a terrible thing. But I have always believed in the greatness of the Turkish nation. I have always believed and admired the ability of the Turkish nation to come together in difficult times. It is an astonishing union. You cannot see this in many nations of the world. Today, our women from Edirne are the members of our Women’s Family Services Directorate. “I make a call to the people of Edirne from here; every product you buy from here, every contribution you make here will go back to the earthquake victims in the earthquake region. You should have no doubt about it,” he said.

Before the bazaar, the Edirne Women’s Solidarity Platform, consisting of women’s non-governmental organizations, laid a wreath at the Atatürk Monument. Reyhan Güzel, who read the press release on behalf of the platform, drew attention to the fact that the burden of women has increased with the economic crisis deepening with the pandemic conditions and the latest earthquake.

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