Kılıçdaroğlu spoke at the CHP Parliamentary Group Meeting: (2)

CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu“I have sworn; we will defend the rights and laws of the poor, the ghetto and the citizen to the end. Because we come from the Kuvayimilliye tradition that built this state.” said.

Kılıçdaroğlu, in his speech at his party’s Parliamentary Group Meeting, said, “Mr. Kemal will not forget that 128 billion dollars was taken from the back door of the Central Bank” and said, “I will take that 128 billion dollars and 418 billion dollars from the Treasury of this state, to workers, peasants, retirees, I will give it to civil servants, teachers, industrialists, everyone.” used the phrase.

Stating that they will also fight the drug mafia, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Their threats come from time to time. Come, if you do not threaten, you are despicable. We will not step back a millimeter. I took an oath; we will defend the rights and laws of the poor, the ghouls and the citizens to the end. Because we are Kuvayimilliyeists, because we are We come from the Kuvayimilliye tradition that built the state. We are the sons of the Anatolian and Thrace Defense of Law Society. No one should have the slightest worry.” spoke his words.

Kilicdaroglu, Bogazici University Computer Professor of Engineering. Dr. Cem ErsoyHe argued that dismissing a person who has 290 scientific works, successfully managed 35 international projects and entered the list of the world’s most influential scientists in 2022 is incompatible with reason and logic. Kılıçdaroğlu, “Let me also say to my professors at Boğaziçi University: You will be patient for 4-5 more months, then everything will be fine.” said.

“There will be solar energy in irrigation unions”

Reminding that they started work to give free electricity to farmers through municipalities, Kılıçdaroğlu said that this is the first time. Denizliof Bozkurt He said it was implemented by the municipality.

Bozkurt Mayor who attended the group meeting Birsen CelikKılıçdaroğlu thanked “Sun you set up the energy system, you get the electricity, you give it to the farmer for free, you sell the surplus electricity, the farmer also gets a share of the electricity other than his own production. The farmer who says ‘Electricity is expensive’ will also earn electricity income. Our mayor did this. A cooperative has been formed,” he said.

Noting that when they come to power, all irrigation unions will work together with municipalities, all unions will have a solar energy system, Kılıçdaroğlu stated that thanks to this, farmers will gain an additional income, and that no farmer’s tractor, plow or animal can be confiscated due to debt. Kilicdaroglu, TurkeyHe said that by investing in this area, it will become an electricity exporting country.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, arguing that there are 7.5 million forest villagers in Turkey and that the poorest part of the society is forest villagers, continued as follows:

“They handed over the forest to the merchants, they eliminated the forest villagers. Do not worry, I will remove those traders from there, I will hand over the forest to the forest villagers. You will see, the forest villager will take care of his own forest. We will expand the cooperatives, one person in each household will be a member of the cooperative. Forest engineers, forest industrial engineers will work, they will be the lawyers of the cooperative. The forest villager will provide the amount of fuel prescribed by the cooperative from the forest free of charge in the winter. “We will convey our opinion to the villages and headmen. Maybe we will do a special study on forest villagers in the coming period. We, as the state, will pay the social premium of all young people and women working in agriculture, not just forestry.”

Kılıçdaroğlu, on the grounds that they took action to make their voices heard. Gaziantep Claiming that a trustee was appointed to the Breeding Sheep Goat Breeders’ Association, he said to Osman Türkman, who was dismissed, “You and your friends, the ones you work with and fight against, go to the polls. AK Party‘ye, MHPIf you vote for , I will have both hands on your collar. If we do wrong, you will criticize us, but no one will be able to assign you a trustee, you will be free, you will be comfortable and you will win.”

“Pressed all the buttons to win”

CHP Chairman Kılıçdaroğlu, President Recep Tayyip ErdoganWhile explaining the election date of “Enough, the word belongs to the nation.” Recalling what he said, he said:

“It’s as if there has been no job for 20 years and now ‘Enough, the word belongs to the nation.’ He has pressed all the keys to win, ‘How will I win?’ He does whatever comes to his mind, throws, catches, says everything. He does not hesitate to make even the martyr Menderes material because of his helplessness. He says something right for the first time: ‘Enough, the word belongs to the nation.’ O Erdogan, enough is enough for your palaces, enough for your children’s billion-dollar foundations, enough for your five-man gangs, enough for your mafia bosses, enough for your drug lords, enough for your powdered confectioners, Sinan AtesEnough for the dealers you killed, enough for your photo novel that brought all kinds of filth into our country, enough for the millions of fugitives you brought into the country, enough for your tongue that insults women, enough for your torpedoes that make young people cry, thefts, jackals, SADAT‘a, enough for Asrika, enough for the paramilitaries. Yes, enough, the word belongs to the nation, the word Nation Allianceit belongs to. It is enough.”


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