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Conducted by the Kırklareli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, field researches were carried out by our Kırklareli University. “Cheese City Kırklareli is Progressing on the Way of Obtaining Geographical IndicationWithin the scope of the project “Pınarhisar Vocational School academic staff Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services Department Head V.. Instructor See Ali CAKIR and Food Control Application and Research Center Manager Dr. Faculty Member Orhan Onur AŞKIN prepared by “Kırklareli Feta Cheese” The book was published. The prepared book will be used as an important resource in the process of obtaining geographical indications for Kırklareli White Cheese.

Çakır listed the highlights of the book as follows:

“Like every region, Kırklareli has its own unique culinary culture and unique flavors within this cuisine culture. Feta cheese is one of these delicacies. Many factors can be listed that distinguish the white cheese of Kırklareli from the others. At the beginning of these factors are the geographical structure of Kırklareli, the climatic conditions and the vegetation that emerges accordingly.

Ali Çakır introduced his new book “Kırklareli White Cheese”.

Another important factor is the oral transfer of cheese culture, which is a part of the intangible cultural heritage, from generation to generation and the transfer of this transferred flavor to the present day. Family businesses from the dairy farming tradition are the best reflection of this cultural heritage today.

Kıvırcık Sheep’s milk, which is a local breed specific to the region and used in the production of mixed white cheese and sheep’s white cheese in Kırklareli, is another flavor determinant. The fact that the Thrace Region is free from animal diseases is an important factor that directly determines the quality of milk, which is the raw material of white cheese, and ensures food safety in white cheese. Natural şirden yeast is one of the indispensable flavor determinants used in the production of regional cheeses for centuries. The microbial load of raw milk obtained in Kırklareli is far below the values ​​allowed by the relevant legislation. The resulting low pasteurization temperature differentiates Kırklareli White Cheese in terms of texture, aroma and taste.

The book study prepared to get a geographical indication for the white cheese produced in Kırklareli is the concrete output of the project titled “Cheese City Kırklareli, Progress on the Way of Obtaining Geographical Indication”.

In the introduction part of the book, information about the project is given, and in the first part, general information about the province of Kırklareli is given. In the 2nd chapter, the geographical structure, climatic conditions and the vegetation formed due to these, which positively affect the quality and flavor of milk, which is the raw material source of white cheese, are explained. In the 3rd chapter, researches on milk, dairy enterprises and white cheese production in Kırklareli province are presented. In Chapter 4, the production method of Kırklareli White Cheese is explained. In Chapter 5, analysis results of cheese samples taken from producers in Kırklareli are given. In the 6th section, the questionnaires created as a result of face-to-face interviews with the white cheese producers are included.


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