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Thrace Travel Guide We are known for his articles on culture, art and tourism. Orkun AKMAN, Trakya Development AgencyThis time within the framework of a project carried out with the contributions of Kirklareli Flavor StopsHe wrote his. Governor of Kirklareli Osman BilginFollowing the idea that was shaped on a meatball that was tasted by .

Kirklareli Flavor Stops

Kırklareli, who has lived in a state of being withdrawn for years, is trying to find a place in the sector with its moves in the field of tourism and thus to shoulder its recognition. In addition to nature, culture and sea tourism, the city, which has been trying to come to the fore with its gastronomic values ​​in recent years, has attracted attention with many pioneering approaches such as the projects carried out, places opened on local tastes, leading the “slowfood” movement on the scale of Thrace, and festivals built on gastronomy. Looks like he managed to pull it off.

Known mostly for his writings on Edirne tourism, culture and art life, Thrace Travel Guide Orkun AKMAN, who has contributed to its pages many times with this aspect, this time carried out an in-depth study within the framework of a project. Kirklareli Flavor StopsHe wrote his.

The story actually started with a meatball he tasted in Pancarköy, which was visited by the Governor of Kırklareli, Osman BİLGİN. Orkun AKMAN, who acted in line with the idea that developed after the Governor tried the meatballs made by Recep UĞURLU, found the necessary support from the Trakya Development Agency to carry out the study. Establishing the main axis of the project, AKMAN visited 6 districts, 7 towns and 10 villages of Kırklareli in a period of approximately 15 days in June 2019, and compiled the outstanding flavors of 49 places in these settlements from the personal narratives of their operators, recorded and recorded. took. AKMAN’s work is accompanied by photographs that are as appetizing as these delicacies.

Orkun AKMAN, while compiling Kırklareli Taste Stops, excluded Lüleburgaz, which is the city center with a population of over 50 thousand and its largest district, as a method. Preferring the places where the delicacies that he believes represent the region are as well as the places that have made their name in the settlements he visits, although they are shabby and on the corner, AKMAN works to ensure easy access. York on the Road He published it on his personal blog and social media accounts.

We would like to thank Orkun Akman for his contribution to Kırklareli tourism, and we direct you to social media accounts where you can reach this delicious work, with the hope of pleasant reading.

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