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Geographical indication product that contributes to the promotion and awareness of the city Kırklareli hardaliyesiraising the bar one click, is at the top of the list of the best restaurants in Turkey in its own concept. Good Morning Restaurant entered the menu. It is expected that this development will contribute to the awareness and sustainable production of Kırklareli hardaliye, and that the famous restaurant chain will be more popular in the foreign market through its international customers.

Increasing its brand value by moving its traditional production to its modern facilities in Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone in 2020 Rumeli Hardaliyecontinues to add value to Kırklareli through this valuable product of the city with geographical indication. Developing commercial relations for this purpose, Rumeli Hardaliye is one of the most important restaurant chains in Turkey from now on. Good Morning Restaurant will be on the menu. The restaurant chain “butcher & steakhouse”, founded by famous chef Cüneyt ASAN, is among the top three in Turkey in the category of “kebab restaurants”. Günaydın Restaurant brand has 45 branches serving throughout Turkey.

Cüneyt ASAN, one of the founding partners of Günaydın Restaurant, visited Kırklareli last year to shoot a TV show featuring local delicacies. Kırklareli hardaliyesiThe idea of ​​adding Kırklareli hardaliye to the menu blossomed in those days.

Rumeli Hardaliye On the one hand, it continues the traditional production of hardaliye that the palate is accustomed to, on the other hand, it focuses on R&D studies in order to make new additions to its product range. The company, which succeeded in producing hardaliye from white grapes in addition to the classic hardaliye obtained from Papaskarası grapes, named this product “Rumeli Gold”. Another product that has joined the product range this year is their hardaliye, which they call “Rumeli Rose”. Company officials announced that they received positive reactions and that they also carried out single-use bottling of these two products, which are found to be softer.


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