KIRKLARELİ – Roman citizens in Thrace welcomed the social housing good news with joy

President Recep Tayyip ErdoganThe housing project announced by the “2023 Novel Gathering-We Are Writing the Novel of the Century Together” program was welcomed by the representatives of Roma non-governmental organizations in Thrace.

Edirne The President of the Roma Association, Erdinç Çekiç, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the good news given by President Erdoğan made the Roma “extremely” pleased.

Indicating that the project, which was announced with the slogan “A home for every Roman”, creates hope and expectation, Çekiç said, “We know that pilot studies will be conducted in 12 provinces and Edirne will be one of these provinces. In addition to our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Family In the project, which is supported by the Ministry of Social Services and the Ministry of Social Services, efforts are being made to ensure that the plans of social housing are made in accordance with the culture and texture of the Romani community and with on-site improvement models.”

Hammer, KashanHe stated that there is a project of 120 houses in Istanbul and that the construction of social housing will be started in a neighborhood in Edirne in the near future.

Emphasizing that the housing issue should be seen as a very important problem for the Roma, Çekiç said, “Today, we can see the housing problem of the Roma community, who live in narrow rooms, small houses, and places where healthy conditions are not available, as the reason for early marriages and school absences. The main center of transition to a regular life will be housing. We welcomed this step taken in this field with great pleasure and happiness. Allah May he be pleased with our President,” he said.

Çekiç thanked all the officials who contributed to the project.

Noting that he hopes the housing process will be implemented as soon as possible, Çekiç said, “We expect a pickaxe to be struck in a few places before the election. TurkeyToday, we are experiencing a process in which the Roma are embraced and their problems are intervened, just like every other segment. I would like to express my gratitude to our President, who has embraced the missing parts that have not been seen before,” he said.

KirklareliHe needed this”

Mustafa Ovarda, Vice President of Kirklareli Roma Associations Federation, said that the housing project announced by President Erdogan created excitement among Romani citizens.

Estuary Explaining that he also attended the meeting at the Congress Center, Ovarda said that Erdogan started a good work on education, accommodation, health and social activities to be more fluent.

Pointing out that the biggest problem of Romani citizens is shelter, Ovarda said, “Kırklareli needed this. The society unfortunately experiences the biggest problem in housing. I think that our President’s balm for this bleeding wound will raise awareness. May it be a blessing.” he said.

Emphasizing that all Roma representatives should contribute to this project, Ovarda said:

“Good work. We will do our best to contribute. The one-on-one meetings with our President, especially at the meeting, were extraordinary. Once again, I say it clearly. It was truly extraordinary that a Turkish leader had one-on-one contact with the Roma in this way. I think that especially education, accommodation, health and social assistance will have a great impact on the Roma. I predict that it will make a big impact especially in housing. Even though the name of the President is the President, it is our governors who will initiate the follow-up process. Our governors also have a very lively and fluent attitude on this issue. They need to be displayed.”

“Many Roma citizens have increased hope of buying a house”

Tekirdag On the other hand, Ümit Satilmis, President of the Association for Keeping the Roman Culture Alive and Musicians, thanked President Erdoğan for the fact that an important project for Roma will be implemented.

Stating that they are following the developments related to the project carefully and that they expect the prices and installments related to social housing to be affordable, Satilmis said, “The project announced by our President made us extremely happy. The hope of many Roman citizens to buy a house has increased with the project. What else can a person want? God bless our President. ” said.

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