KIRKLARELİ – The density of EYT members continues in SGK directorates in Thrace

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s age at retirement (EYTAfter announcing that there will be no age requirement regarding the regulation, the density continues in the SGK provincial directorates in Thrace.

Due to the intensity of borrowing applications, those who came to the SSI provincial directorates, which also serve at the weekend, received information from the officials there on issues such as the scope of EYT, the number of bonuses and working hours.

Kirklareli Nesrin Mintaş, who came to the SGK Provincial Directorate, told the AA correspondent that she was very happy about the EYT arrangement.

Stating that they have been waiting for the announcement of the regulation for a long time, Mintaş said, “When we heard the statement of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we almost died of joy and fainted. We were waiting for the regulation with excitement.” said.

İdris Toycu stated that the arrangement was a surprise for him and said, “May Allah be pleased with everyone.” used the phrase.

Edirne from SSI Provincial Directorate Halil Aydogan Explaining that he had been waiting for EYT’s statement for a long time, he said, “When EYT was announced, I was happy like every other person waiting for their retirement. It is also nice that SGK works on Saturday.” he said.

One of the citizens, Rıdvan Esmer, stated that he came to apply for military debt.

Expressing her happiness with the EYT arrangement, Esmer said, “We were waiting for age before, now we are retiring. I have been working since 1999. I want to continue my life by retiring in 2023.” said.

Tekirdag There was also a crowd in front of the SGK Provincial Directorate. Citizens who came to the Directorate received information from the officials about the issues they were curious about in the EYT regulation, and applied for military service and birth debt.

Son Dika Current KIRKLARELİ – The density of EYT members continues at SGK directorates in Thrace – Last Minute

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