KIRKLARELİ – The practice of registering pets in Thrace continues

Edirne, Kirklareli ve TekirdagAs part of the registration and identification of pets in Turkey, the process of microchipping these animals continues.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry continues to work on digital identification of pets.

Animal lovers in Thrace show interest in the application, which was initiated within the scope of the “Regulation on the Identification and Registration of Cats, Dogs and Ferrets”.

Citizens who come to the Agriculture and Forestry directorates or veterinarians with their pets have their animals included in the “Pet Registry System” after the chip process.

Identity cards with information about animals are delivered to their owners. Pets 31 DecemberIt has to be registered until

According to the Animal Protection Law No. 5199, an administrative fine will be applied to those who do not have their animals chipped by this date.

“Work is important”

Kırklareli Agriculture and Forestry Manager Mehmet AksoyAA correspondent, all pets are working to be registered, he said.

Expressing that this study is important in order to minimize the problem of stray animals, Aksoy noted that with the chip application, the identification information of the animals can be accessed.

Explaining that if it is lost or left on the street, it will be easy to identify who it belongs to, Aksoy said, “Our aim is to register animals and solve the problem of stray animals as quickly as possible. We have created an infrastructure for them, after completing their registration in this infrastructure, how much? There is a dog, what breed, what breed, all of these will come out,” he said.

Aksoy stated that approximately 6 thousand animals have been identified in the city so far.

İlhan Arıkan, 72, living in Kırklareli, stated that he came to the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry to have his cat “Cotton” registered, which he found with a broken leg near the garbage container last year.

Arıkan expressed that he had emotional moments after the chip insertion and that every living thing should be valued.

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