Kufeki stone unearthed in Edirne is used in the restoration of monuments.

Edirneof Suloglu The kufeki (mussel) stone unearthed in the district is used in the restoration of ancient artifacts.

The porous limestone in beige tones composed of limestone, silica and mussel sediments; It is frequently preferred in building sections that require artistic structure and elegance such as arches, columns, exteriors, garden arrangements, altars, pulpits, bay windows, and harpuş due to its easy processing feature.

RomaIn the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, the bed was close and its weight was less compared to other stones, so the limestone was used especially in Thrace. İstanbulIt is known that it was used in the construction of many buildings in .

In Edirne, limestone, which was used in the construction of many cultural artifacts, especially the Selimiye Mosque, is now preferred in restorations.

The limestone extracted from the quarries continues its duty to transfer historical relics to the future.

“Very durable”

Bedri, the quarry operator in Süloğlu district Skintold AA correspondent that the most basic feature that distinguishes this stone from other natural stones is that it has high abrasion resistance and stays without wear for many years.

Koza stated that it has been determined that the stone has been used since the 6th century.

Stating that the kufeki stone was used in various works in Istanbul during the Roman Period, Koza said, “In the 6th century, Romans used aqueducts in Istanbul, Basilica Cistern and used this stone in works such as Hagia Sophia. grand master Architect Sinan discovered this stone and used this stone in almost all of his works. One of the most important examples of these is our Selimiye Mosque.”

Koza emphasized that limestone, which was preferred in the construction of buildings in the past, is now also used in the restoration of cultural artifacts. Bedri Koza underlined that the stone is still used in the restoration of many monuments, especially the restoration of the Selimiye Mosque.

Koza stated that this stone will also be used in the restoration of Edirne Palace, whose revival has come to the fore.

Son Dika art and culture The limestone unearthed in Edirne is used in the restoration of monuments – Last Minute

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