KYK dormitories in Thrace are preparing for earthquake victims

President Recep Tayyip ErdoganAfter the university’s statement that the dormitories of the Credit and Hostels Institution will be used for the shelter of earthquake victims, preparations began in the KYK dormitories in Thrace.

Kirklareli Students staying in Hundi Hatun Girls’ Dormitory, which is affiliated to the Credit and Hostels Institution, leave their dormitories.

Ayşegül Kılıç, one of the students, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they were very upset about the earthquake.

Stating that they left their homes for the earthquake victims, Kılıç said, “We collected our belongings and we will return to our hometown. Hopefully, we are thinking of going to the earthquake area voluntarily.” said.

Firdevs Taşoğlu emphasized that the whole country is going through a very difficult process.

Stating that their hearts are with the earthquake victims, Taşoğlu said, “I hope all earthquake victims will be helped. I am in deep sadness, the fate of the whole country has changed in one night. I İstanbulI’m going to On the one hand, I am glad that the dormitories will be a home for earthquake victims, and we will help them somehow. On the other hand, I am sad that we will be away from school,” he said.

on the other hand Tekirdag ve EdirneIt was learned that preparations were made for the shelter of earthquake victims in KYK dormitories in .

Son Dika Current KYK dormitories in Thrace are preparing for earthquake victims – Last Minute

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