Last year, 1,137 cats and dogs were sterilized in Keşan, 987 of them were treated.

Kashan Arif Güler, Director of Veterinary Affairs of the Municipality, gave information about the activities they carried out last year for stray animals as the directorate.

In his written statement, Güler stated that in 2022, 1,137 stray animals were sterilized, 987 were treated and 248 were adopted.

Giving information about their work for stray animals, Güler said:

“We protect stray animals in our district with health screening, vaccination, registration and feeding activities. We continued our work in Keşan Municipality Stray Animals Temporary Nursing Home, which is the biggest nursing home in Thrace for our dear friends. In 2022, 816 dogs and 321 dogs cat We sterilized a total of 1,137 of our dear friends. After the treatment processes, we released the animals back to their habitats. Last year, we provided 46 tons of food support to stray animals.”

Stating that they also put animals in need of medical attention under the control of veterinarians, Güler stated that they treated 987 stray animals in 2022.

Güler noted that they distributed 251 huts and 104 food and water containers for street animals last year.

Son Dika Current Last year, 1,137 cats and dogs were neutered and 987 were treated in Keşan – Last Minute

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