‘Lavender fields’ are increasing in Edirne – Last Minute

Edirne President of the Chamber of Agriculture Huseyin ArabaciHe stated that the lavender fields in Edirne have reached approximately 700 acres.

Arabacı, at a press conference held at a facility in the city, stated that the lavender planting in Edirne 7 years ago, Trakya Agricultural Research He said his institute started on research grounds.

Expressing that lavender production, which started with 1-2 acres in Edirne and its villages, is approaching 700 acres today, Arabacı said, “Wheat and sunflower are our main products, but we consider lavender as an alternative product in low-yield lands. We will support our producers in the stages of harvesting and distillation, from seedling supply to clear the way for our producers. Our engagement is increasing day by day.” said.

Stating that a distillation facility will be established in cooperation with the Governorship, Edirne Chamber of Agriculture and Edirne Commodity Exchange, Arabacı said:

“The distillation unit will start to serve during the lavender harvest period next year. We will establish this facility on the land we bought in the room. We will help our producers both in the harvest and in obtaining the lavender oil. At the same time, we are trying to create an environment where they can sell to our producers in the market.

There may be droughts in some years, of course, I’m not saying we should give up on wheat or sunflower, these are our strategic products. Our producers will continue to plant such aromatic lavender plants on weak, unproductive lands. We are trying to establish a system that will serve our producers from planting to harvesting, from oil extraction to sales.”

Arabacı stated that in recent years, lavender fields have attracted local and foreign tourists to the region with their impressive beauty.

Son Dika Economy ‘Lavender fields’ are increasing in Edirne – Last Minute

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