Layoffs are on the rise! Fear of unemployment gripped everyone!

In November of last year, Meta, It has laid off more than 11,000 employees worldwide in an effort to become a “fewer-employed and more efficient” company. The company’s plans don’t seem to be over yet because according to reports, Meta is set to further reduce its workforce in the coming weeks.

of the Financial Times According to a report, the company delayed approving the budgets of many teams before announcing a new round of layoffs. This means that no work is being done due to the administrators’ inability to schedule workloads. In fact, it is stated that even projects that normally take days now take up to a month. These are among the priority areas, including priority areas such as the and advertising.

Layoffs are on the rise! Fear of unemployment gripped everyone!

A few weeks ago, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, He said 2023 will be a “productivity year” for the company. “We’re focused on becoming a stronger and more agile organization,” he said. However, a Meta employee with knowledge on the subject seems to disagree. “Obviously, there’s still some confusion,” he says. “The productivity year begins with people getting paid for doing nothing.” Meta has not yet commented on the subject.

Meta is just one of many companies that have applied for mass layoffs recently. Other companies saying goodbye to their employees include , , Amazon, , and Disney.

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