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, He visited the company and got information about the works carried out during the year.
The meeting, chaired by Governor H. Kürşat Kırbıyık, was attended by Edirne Family and Social Services Provincial Director Bilgin Özbaş, Deputy Provincial Directors Erdinç Topçu, Sebahattin Bilgiç, unit chiefs and personnel in charge.
In the presentation made by the Provincial Director Bilgin Özbaş, the applications of the service models of the Ministry of Family and Social Services throughout the province were discussed. Also at the meeting; In cooperation with Edirne Governor’s Office, and stakeholder institutions, the studies that have been carried out and will be carried out in the future for violence against women, children, elderly, women, disabled, disadvantaged groups, families of martyrs and veterans were evaluated.
Governor Kırbıyık, in his evaluation after the meeting, said, “It was a very comprehensive presentation, thank you. The fight against violence against women is very important, and we need to continue these studies without interruption. Our activities have three stages, the first is to create awareness, the second is to provide motivation, we have reached a certain stage in terms of awareness and motivation. In the third dimension, you look at the issues related to your own fields, do not hesitate to report the fight against addiction and other similar issues that you witness during family visits and other works, we need to increase coordination in this regard.
After the meeting, visited the building of the and received information about the services for the applicants. 4Ozge Ebek

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