Long-awaited rain made people of Edirne happy

Long-awaited rain made people of Edirne happy

EDİRNE – While the rain expected for months in Edirne has been effective at certain intervals, the citizens were happy with the long-awaited rain.

The strong wind and storm that had been effective in the past days gave way to rain, which pleased both the farmers and the people of Edirne. After the weather forecasts of Meteorology, rain showers are effective in Thrace at certain intervals. While the citizens, who were caught unprepared for the rain due to the rain, had a hard time, the citizens who went out with their umbrellas by taking precautions were saved from getting wet. With the rain, puddles formed on the streets and streets.

Citizens who went shopping and were caught unprepared for the rain, tried to protect themselves from the rain by taking shelter under their workplaces.

“The rain made us happy, our Edirne is like the paradise of agriculture”

One of the citizens, Çiğdem Akan, who said that her father and brother were farmers, said, “We talked on the phone in the morning. They are very happy because it rains. They threw the fertilizers, they were waiting for the rain, it was yield. There is no winter in Edirne this year. They are waiting for rain for 10 days, they are excited and happy. I hope it goes like this. “There will be yields, there will be fertility. Our Edirne is like the paradise of agriculture. There is everything; there is paddy, there is crops. I hope this rain will bring blessings,” he said.

“The rain made us happy”

Citizens who say that it has not rained in Edirne for a long time Ahmet Cakir“I have friends who are engaged in farming. They were eagerly waiting for the rain to rain, they couldn’t throw their fertilizers. This situation also affects us indirectly. The farmer will be productive so that we can eat the crop at an affordable price. We are glad that it rained. There was no winter in Edirne this year. Many farmers I have a friend, they are all happy with the rain,” he said.

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