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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of those who dare to hit the road to taste these flavors in nature, which is the source of that naturalness, locality and health, rather than being trapped in the urban fabric by following the traces of natural, local and healthy flavors. So much so that for some settlements that have managed to make a name for themselves in this regard, this means a small-scale tourism activity that cannot be ignored at all. Considering its proximity to a metropolis like Istanbul, business areas and industrial centers such as Çorlu, Çerkezköy and Lüleburgaz, where the working life is intense, some parts of Thrace are a center of attraction in this regard. Tekirdağ’s Saray district is also one of the places that turn the advantage of being right at the beginning of the road leading to a highly visited tourism resort like Kıyıköy with its naturalness and turn it into a profit for itself. Mercan Restaurant, which opened its doors to its visitors in the autumn of 2018, promises to take one more step towards making the region known as a taste stop, with its natural, local and healthy products, and its inviting garden surrounded by the chirping of birds.

Saray as a “stop of tastes”…

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article; Tekirdağ’s Saray district is one of the leading Thrace settlements that have succeeded in transforming its advantages into gains that can lead to the region being referred to as a taste stop. The district, which is located on the outskirts of Strandjalar and has the clear springs of the Ergene River, succeeds in reflecting its agricultural production from the soil, its experiences from animal husbandry and its well-deserved reputation to the local cuisine. We can find hints of this in the inviting road signs of the country gardens that have been opened one after the other in the region in recent years. “Natural”, “local”, “organic”, “clean”… ​​These words may seem to be loaded with arrogance sometimes, but we can say that you will find businesses that are very meticulous about this issue in and around Saray.

Mercan Restaurant & Cafe

Mercan Restaurant, which opened in the fall of 2018, is one of them. The place, which is predominantly wooden and very inviting with its landscaping, has 300 square meters of indoor space on an area of ​​​​2 thousand 700 square meters and garden camellias that shoulder the space. It is operated by Mercan Sütçü, Gülseren İşeri and Serdar Uruç. A true Thrace lover, Mr. Serdar preferred to channel his strong communication skills, which he developed in different sectors, into a tourism investment in the region this time. For this reason, the first thing that will appear in front of you in the venue will be a “smiling face”, that’s for sure.

Mercan Restaurant is actually a place where you can spend every hour of the day. The place preferred by families to come together especially on weekends, aims to gather all individuals around the same table with its breakfast, offering the comfort of having a family breakfast in their own home. The naturalness and locality promised by the place catches the guests at breakfast. Many products, from eggs to milk, from oil to honey, manage to bring that local delicacy to the palate.

You can see the same taste and sensitivity in meat and meat products, which are the main concept of the place. In this region, the meat obtained from animals that grow as naturally as possible, is carefully processed and takes its place on the table as delicacies that crack the palate. Hoş, Saray and its surroundings have a well-deserved reputation in this regard, but we should add that the place has a separate claim. In fact, you will not only want to taste these products at the venue, but also buy them from the delicatessen section and take them home.

One of the natural flavors of the region is buffalo milk. Buffalo milk is a powerful product especially in the nutrition of children. Buffalo breeding has an important place in the palace and its villages. Various projects are being carried out in the region to increase the buffalo population. It is one of the most sought after flavors with its yoghurt and cream, which is transformed into a product as much as its milk. You can find many flavor stops where you can find these products in the town center and villages. One of them is Mercan Restaurant. It is obvious that they will contribute to the transformation of this precious product into brand value.

Mercan Restaurant also offers a cafe concept for those who want to brew the day with a pleasant conversation. You don’t have to look at the restaurant tit and turn back from the door. Its doors are always open for its guests. At the same time, its garden surrounded by greenery is ideal for hosting wedding and invitation organizations, small-scale meetings, trekking and cultural tours in the region, especially in summer evenings. As we said, everything here is based on customer satisfaction and smiling face.

Mercan Restaurant & Cafe
Address: Pazarcık District Tahir Efendi Grove Cluster Houses No: 3/2 Güneşkaya Locality Saray / Tekirdağ
Tel: 0533 318 67 40



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