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Peanut, one of the most important agricultural products of Meriç district of Edirne, is taking firm steps towards branding. The registration application of the product, which has been produced for about 200 years with its known history in the region, was made in 2017, and it was registered as a result of the ongoing studies.

Traditional agricultural product, not alternative

Peanut, which has a special place in Edirne’s agricultural product pattern, is a product that is produced in a large area in Meriç district. Considering the widespread production in Thrace, peanut production can be perceived as a product that has emerged as an alternative product. However, that is not the case at all. Peanut production in Edirne’s Meriç district has a history of over two hundred years. When this is the case, it would be appropriate to consider the peanuts produced in Meriç not as an alternative but as a part of the traditional production range.

Every year, an increase is observed in the areas where peanuts, which love the sandy soils of the Meriç plain, are cultivated. Peanut, which is about five times more profitable than the products that Thrace farmers are used to, such as sunflower and wheat, has grown over six thousand decares of land in Meriç and its villages. Peanuts planted at the end of April and the beginning of May are harvested at the end of a period of about five months. With the completion of the drying and packaging processes after the harvest period that started with October, Meriç peanuts will be offered to the market.

Brand value studies in Meriç peanuts

Within the framework of the projects developed by institutions and organizations such as Meriç District Governorship, Edirne Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Meriç Agriculture District Directorate, Meriç Chamber of Agriculture, the development of planting areas of Meriç peanuts, encouraging local farmers as a rural development model, protecting and promoting the quality of the product with high added value. efforts to transform it into alternative by-products began to bear fruit. Trakya Development AgencyAs a result of the projects that were given financial and technical support, Meriç peanut was first registered. Harvesting, roasting and packaging machines were purchased with the support provided by the agency. Within the framework of the projects carried out in cooperation with the PTT in the promotional attack, special promotional stamps symbolizing the Meriç peanut were printed. In addition, cargo support was provided to deliver local products such as Meriç peanuts and Meriç rice to consumers at a 30% discount. A separate place is given to the promotion of the product at fairs and festivals where local products are showcased, and at tourism stands.

In addition to all these support projects, as a result of the studies carried out in the past months under the auspices of the Meriç District Governor’s Office and with the partnership of the relevant institutions and organizations, the preparation and marketing of high value-added food products such as peanut butter from Meriç pistachio has begun. It is aimed that this study will make an important contribution to the brand value of the product.


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