Migros took action for TOGG! Yes, Migros!

Migros, which we know mostly for its supermarkets, has been at the top of the agenda with a new initiative. According to transfers migroswhich is a subsidiary Migen Energy became the first retail company to do so by obtaining a charging network operator license for electric vehicles.

Will be on the road soon This development is also very important. With Migros adding an electric vehicle charging station to its stores, owners can also access charging stations faster.

Electric charging stations are increasing in our country.

Migen Energy, a subsidiary of Migros, had applied for a license to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) to provide charging services for electric vehicles. After the application is approved migroshas started to work to expand the charging stations.

Migros Ticaret A.Ş. Investment Development and Construction Assistant General Manager Sevki Tuncer about subject: “Our work continues at full speed to spread this service, which we pioneer in our sector, to Turkey. By the first half of the year, we will start serving in more than 50 Migros stores in 19 provinces. While our customers are shopping, they will be able to charge their vehicles quickly and reliably at the stations in front of our stores.” said.


Thus, Migros will greatly benefit electric vehicle owners by expanding its charging stations. In particular, we are looking forward to owners will also benefit from these widespread electric vehicle charging stations.

, currently Trugo charging stations of our country 81 in the province offers service. Defined as a high-performance and comprehensive charging network, Trugo will meet the energy needs of owners.

Trugo TOGG

It is very pleasing that in addition to Trugo, other companies are also starting to popularize charging stations for electric vehicles. It is expected that other companies such as Migros will put charging stations into service in the future.

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