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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the minimum wage for 2023. The minimum wage was 8500 TL in 2023. Representing the worker, stating that he would not sit at the table for less than 9 thousand TL, Türk-İş did not attend the meeting, leaving Erdoğan alone.

MINIMUM FEE 8 thousand 500 TL
President Erdogan’s statements are as follows:
“As it is known, the minimum wage, which was 184 liras in 2002 in our country, increased 30 times in nominal terms and 142 percent in real terms in our period. At the beginning of last year, we increased the minimum wage by 50 percent to net 4253 lira, taking into account the conditions of those days. Not only that, we abolished the income and stamp tax from the minimum wage. In July, with the new regulation, we increased the minimum wage to 5500 liras. While doing all this, let’s not forget that we have this state’s bag on our back. Thus, we achieved an 80 percent increase in the minimum wage and a cumulative 95 percent increase during the year. We are following the process that protects rights and balance in this critical period when we are starting to reap the fruits of our struggle to get our country out of the grip of interest, exchange rate and inflation. Those who don’t have a basket on their back throw them, just in case we give them this much. But we are very sensitive. By the end of the year, it is possible for our population to reach 86 million. We have to think about these.

This month, we will witness a rapid decline in inflation rates. We are determined to reduce inflation to 30 percent in the middle of the year and 20 percent at the end of the year. We ask everyone from all walks of life to make their calculations according to this goal. If we come across an unexpected situation, we do not hesitate to make an interim adjustment as we did last year. As a management that has increased the income and welfare of our workers, we do not allow anyone’s rights to be lost. We exist for our nation.

We are taking the steps regarding the minimum wage with this feeling. We have agreed on the Net Minimum Wage as 8500 TL in 2023, hopefully. The minimum wage has a reflection on the employer as well as on us. An increase of 50 percent was achieved, and the annual average rate of increase was over 70 percent. I wish the new minimum wage to be beneficial for our country and nation, especially for employees and employers.”

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