Minister Dönmez: ‘Gas import rate will drop to 70 percent’

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez, Black Sea “We are talking about a product that we currently import 99.3 percent of gas. We can say that with the gas production in the next 4 years, we can say that this need is at the level of the 30s. The import rate will drop to 70 percent,” he said.

Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Zonguldak‘of Çaycuma connected to the district Filyos He participated in the broadcast of a private television channel at the construction site of the Black Sea Gas Processing Facility, which is under construction in the town. Minister Fatih Dönmez explained that the works started by driving 22 thousand bored piles into the empty field 11 months ago, and today it has reached a 90% completion rate.

“11 months ago, there was nothing on the field here. First, we rehabilitated the field. 22 thousand piles were driven. Let’s add it end to end here. VanIt goes up to . At that time TurkeyThree out of every four bored pile machines were here. We started the construction of the gas processing center. Currently, there is a 90% completion rate. We also have a serious business on the sea side. From here, we drilled 10 wells for the first phase. Their downhole completion process has been completed. And the assembly of the equipment that connects them to each other at the bottom of the well. Seabed assembly work has also been completed. Pipe bottom operations on the sea side are finished. Work will be carried out mainly on the completion of this field, its testing and preparation. The assembly of the distribution center on the sea side has been completed. Pipes have been laid. Hydrostatic tests of the pipes are carried out. Clean-up work will follow. The process continues as planned. The 16-inch pipe will bring 10 million cubic meters of gas per day and 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually from the reservoir to land. The processing facility we have built in Filyos will do its cleaning and conditioning. After that, there is the measurement station of BOTAŞ next to our field. From there we will give it to the mains. BOTAŞ has pulled the 36-kilometer line, it is waiting for the completion of the procedures here.”

“There will be an opportunity to evaluate our experience and knowledge”

Explaining that some particles may also come out with the raw gas coming out of the well, Minister Dönmez explained that the cleaning and reprocessing works together with the glycol line will be done by the automation system. Minister Dönmez stated that the rate of localization will be much higher in the second phase. Bulgaria ve RomaniaRecalling his discoveries, he continued:

“The raw gas coming out of the well may come out with some particles in it. There may also be water particles. We will pump glycol from the glycol line to prevent freezing. It will be pumped into the well. It will prevent the water particles from freezing in the crude oil. We will take the glycol back from the system. There will be continuous reprocessing. If particles come in, their adjustments will be made. All of these will be done in this center. We have an automation system. Its name is ZEKİ local . How much will be produced from which well, pressures and flow rates will be adjusted from this system. We brought some materials from abroad. Mechanical parts, energy works. It was made here. The materials to be made to the waterbed will also be made here. The rate of locality will be much higher in the second phase. I believe that Filyos, this region is the industrial zone right next to us. There is a planning for the production of materials needed by the gas and oil industry there. The Black Sea is the area we operate in. not Rome announced a discovery in nya. Bulgaria is following us. We will have the opportunity to evaluate our experience and knowledge here with them. At the moment, we naturally focused on our own project. Our current plans are the disembarkation point Filyos. If discoveries come from further west or east, we can plan landings from other points depending on the length of the line. Currently, approximately 6,500 people work here for our land works. We have 2,500 employees at sea. Two weeks later, the number of land workers will increase to 7,500. Infrastructure metal structure steel construction infrastructure carrying the pipes will be ready. We will continue with the second phase. There’s piping work here. Pipes are drawn to clean the incoming gas. We have piping operations related to the glycol line. We have communication and data lines. We will have a fully automatic system. Energy, wiring is also needed. We’re building them all.”

“European employees took refuge in us”

Explaining that the Turkish engineer, who was in important positions in other countries, returned to Turkey with a brain drain, and that some European employees took refuge in Turkey, Minister Dönmez said, “Applications that lead to the point where the personnel working in some foreign companies go to their homes and say, ‘Tell your spouse to work on this project and leave that project’. When our general manager brought the subject up, there were those who said, “Our country did not protect us. We want to be Turkish citizens. We are happy here, we are peaceful.” There is no pressure on naming, their own preferences. There are people who are happy to live here. This is an indication of this. Being independent in energy is like being a national independence. Because this country has experienced its biggest problems for years due to its dependence on foreign energy in energy. We are talking about an area where he cannot focus enough. We are reaping the fruits of being behind these projects in the last 20 years under his leadership. In the past, we had many citizens who loved their homeland and nation, but now we are paving the way for those projects,” he said.

Response to the opposition’s claim that ‘You say you found a reserve before every election’

Responding to the opposition’s reserve claims, Minister Fatih Dönmez said, “We are not the source of origin for some of the media. The first work on Akçakoca started in 2004. It was finished in 2007. It was put into production. We are still using it. There was a reserve of 1.6 billion cubic meters. We used 1.25 billion cubic meters of it. Maybe we used it in our homes. Oil and natural gas discoveries came to the fore in Thrace as well. When the first ships were purchased, it was 2017. The selection was made in June 2018, the ship in 2019 Mediterrenianwent to We have explained the first discovery here. There were three more years until the election. Was it an election investment? These are matters not related to our calendar. Shall we explain what we found? These are the issues that the opposition confuses the citizens. Until today, we had natural gas production in Turkey, mainly in Thrace and partly in the Southeast. It has 50 years of history to date. We produced 15-16 billion cubic meters. In one year, we will have released the gas produced in 50 years. Seismic studies were carried out when studies here began in 2020. Then these studies were interpreted by our experts. We had exploratory drilling in Danube-1. With that sounding, our President gave this good news to our nation. We had a discovery of 405 billion cubic meters. One year later Amasra We had a discovery of 135 billion cubic meters in the field. Thereupon, we drilled production wells to improve the field. We’re almost at the end of this field now. It is alleged that tests were not carried out. Totally false. 2,880 tests were carried out in the well. There are also multiple companies that we get support from in terms of engineering. But we work with the best companies in the world. A year ago, we requested an independent audit of this site by a third party. So that they can evaluate our work in the reservoir. The number of wells we drilled in the Black Sea has increased to 13. We also had evaluations. But it is a company with a 100-year history to a third assessment firm. As a result of this valuation, an upward figure came out. The reserve amount has gone up,” he said.

“It will be much more economical than the gas used”

Explaining that the Black Sea gas will be much more economical than the imported gas, Minister Dönmez said, “This place looks much more economical than the gas we import. Our citizens will naturally benefit from this. Because there are costs here. It will be much more economical than the gas currently used. In energy. It will reduce our dependence on foreign sources. We are talking about a product, of which 99.3 percent is imported at the moment. We are talking about 15-20 billion cubic meters in the next 4-year target. We can say that it is at the level of 30 percent. It will decrease to 70 percent. This includes the gases we discovered in Amasra and Çaycuma. It is 405 billion cubic meters, which we revised. It was the calculation we made according to the gas. With additional discoveries, we reached 58 billion cubic meters in Çaycuma and a total of 710 billion cubic meters. We will be able to meet the gas consumed in houses from this field for 33 years. We needed at least 5 years.We drilled 10 wells because we wanted to give the first gas.We will drill 40 wells in the second phase. It meets all the gas to be used in the kitchens of our homes. Within 4 years, it will meet all the heating needs of the houses. This is the engineering choice in terms of both cost management and speeding up the work,” he said.

Two domestic and national gunboats

Minister Fatih Dönmez also stated that two gunboats of domestic and national production, named “Mustecip Onbaşı” and “Seyit Onbaşı”, were put into service. Minister Dönmez announced that the journey that took 12 hours to the drilling area could be reduced to 2 hours with these gunboats. Minister Fatih Dönmez pointed out that helicopter logistics are also available and said, “You cannot fly at night depending on your location. Weather conditions are not suitable. However, this transportation can be reduced up to 2 hours with these boats. These boats, which can be used in all kinds of sea conditions, will provide an advantage.”

Minister Fatih Dönmez made evaluations about oil reserves as well as natural gas reserves. Minister Dönmez also made statements about the gas trade center. Russia made evaluations about relations with – ZONGULDAK

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