Minister Dönmez: Turkey will receive 1.4 billion cubic meters of gas annually from Oman

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez, TurkeyHe stated that Turkey will supply 1.4 billion cubic meters of gas annually from Oman for 10 years.

Dönmez in Energy, organized by Albayrak Media Turkey Century In his speech at the summit, Black Sea He stated that issues such as gas, nuclear energy, natural gas storage, gas center, renewable energy, rare earth elements will play an important role in the future.

Commenting on the discovery of natural gas in the Black Sea, Dönmez said, “The Black Sea gas is large enough to meet our needs for approximately 30 years with its current reserve. This period will be extended with new discoveries. Natural gas transmission, distribution, storage works correspond to at least 50 years or even more. In addition to renewable energy, each facility has a lifespan of at least 30-35 years. Based on this understanding, we called it the Energy of the Century in the name of the vision that will carry the energy of the Turkish Century into the next century.” he said.

“Drilling of all wells in Phase-1 in the Black Sea has been completed”

Dönmez stated that they have lowered 33 of the 42 units to the sea floor in the Black Sea, and said:

“We have completed 90 percent of the construction of our Natural Gas Processing Facility, which will process the gas coming from the sea on land. We have also started the necessary functional tests for the commissioning of the facility, step by step. Again in January, the assembly works on the seabed were completed and we started the first test studies there. Our Fatih Drilling Ship Türkali- It has completed the drilling of well 11. Thus, we have completed the drilling of all the wells required for Phase 1. Yavuz will complete the top completion in the Türkali-5 well, and Kanuni will soon complete the bottom completion in the Türkali-10 well. After the discovery in the Çaycuma-1 well, a new drilling operation in that region will also be completed. “We will have studies. We will drill detection wells. We will carry out these drillings in other geological fields with a similar structure adjacent to the region. We hope to give new good news to our nation from there. As these good news continue and the price volatility in the world begins to decrease, we will reflect these to our citizens as discounts.”

Reminding that the natural gas used by the industry has been reduced by 13 to 16 percent, Dönmez said, “There will be a decrease of up to 15 percent in the costs of our large industrial establishments that purchase electricity from the free market. If the prices continue to decrease, there may be a discount in March.” said.

“Third FSRU in Turkey in a week”

Dönmez said that they expect the third FSRU ship to be in Turkey within a week, and that the ship started sailing with its first cargo.

Noting that the ship will dock there to be used at the Saros FSRU terminal, Dönmez said that they have gained the flexibility to carry out LNG transport with these ships, especially during the summer months when there is no need to pump gas into the system.

Donmez, President Recep Tayyip ErdoganEmphasizing that they will put Turkey’s new FSRU ship into service with the participation of . Balkans We will be a more active player in the regional gas trade, especially in the region,” he said.

“Turkey is taking all steps to become a gas trade center”

Noting that they have been conducting an intense energy diplomacy for the gas trade center for a long time, Dönmez said that in the last 1 year, they have been carrying out intense energy diplomacy from Europe. Middle Asia ve GulfHe said that they had visited 15 countries until today.

Dönmez said that the first step in this context is Bulgaria He said: “We signed an annual gas supply agreement with Bulgaria for approximately 1.5 billion cubic meters, which will last until 2035. This capacity corresponds to approximately 30 percent of Bulgaria’s annual gas consumption. A total of 20 billion cubic meters of gas was supplied to Bulgaria in 13 years. there will be a gas flow. Macedonia, Romania ve Moldova We are carrying out similar processes with

Noting that there is a potential to increase natural gas supply to the countries of the region up to 3 times in a very short time with new investments, Dönmez continued as follows:

“I would like to share with you a new development that I will announce for the first time here. Currently, our BOTAŞ General Manager and his delegation are in Oman. We are signing a new gas purchase agreement with Oman. We will supply 1.4 billion cubic meters of gas annually from Oman and our agreement is valid for 10 years. “We will be able to extend the agreement later, if the appropriate conditions arise again. At a time when the world, especially Europe, is suffering from gas supply problems, Turkey is taking all steps to become a gas trade center.”

Dönmez emphasized that their next goal is to bring producer and consumer countries together and to become the gas trade center where the reference gas price is determined in the region.

In this context, İstanbulAnnouncing that they will organize the Istanbul Gas Summit on 14-15 February in Turkey, Dönmez is at the summit. Middle East, Mediterrenianthe source countries of the Caspian and Central Asia and the consumer countries of Europe will be brought together.

Noting that they determined the motto of the summit as “Securing the Future Together”, Dönmez used the following statements:

“In addition to the energy ministers, we will host high-level representatives of public institutions and organizations, the private sector and international energy organizations. At the summit, we will discuss the effects of global developments on the energy sector, changes in supply and demand, pricing and global supply .”

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