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Mustafa Kaçanlar, who has been serving with Must-Et brand since 2017 in Poyralı Village, which is connected to Pınarhisar district of Kırklareli and which is mostly famous for its molasses, is taking firm steps towards becoming the Nusret of Thrace.

Mustafa Kaçanlar, who came to Kırklareli in 2002 after the Gölcük earthquake and started a life from scratch, is now at the top of his career, which he started as a shepherd and continued as a waiter. Mustafa Kaçanlar, who created the Must-Et brand by purchasing Meydan Köftecisi, where he worked for three years, is assertive about meat, but takes this claim one step further in lamb squash.

Mustafa Kaçanlar, who chooses both veal and lamb from young and well-fed breeds, combines his profession with art in the place where no meat other than veal and lamb is allowed. Hamdi Alkan, whom we met during our visit to the establishment, which has many customers from Istanbul, is also one of the regulars of the place.

Mustafa Kaçanlar, who prioritizes customer satisfaction, continues to create wonders with his wife in his service as a family business. Meatballs and sausage are also worth trying.

Must-Et Kasap Steak House

Venue Name : Must-Et Butcher Steakhouse

Address: Poyralı Village – Pınarhisar / KIRKLARELİ

Telephone: 0288 665 83 20 / 0538 643 30 43

Contact Person: Mustafa Kaçanlar

Featured Taste : Lamb Roasted & Beyti Wrap

Orkun AKMAN‘of Trakya Development Agency prepared in June 2019 in cooperation with Kirklareli Flavor Stops It has been moved to our pages with the permission of the author. AKMAN’s contribution to the whole work York on the Road available on the website.


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