in HATAY, Kahramanmaras Mutiya Gül (7), who survived with her mother and 3 siblings from their house destroyed in the centered earthquake, said that she was most upset when the toy piano she bought for her mother’s birthday was broken. Stating that his dream is to be a pianist, Gül said, “The roof of our house was blown off in the earthquake. Our wall has collapsed. We were so scared. Our neighbor uncles got us out of the house and rescued us. All my belongings and toys were left in our destroyed house. I loved my piano the most, it was broken in the earthquake. “I miss my piano because I want to be a pianist when I grow up,” he said.

Disaster victims whose houses were destroyed in earthquakes affecting 11 provinces centered in Kahramanmaraş, EdirneThey settle in dormitories and near their relatives. Kahramanmaras to the city, Hatay, Adiyaman, Malatya and to the earthquake victims coming from the surrounding provinces, AFAD in coordination Architect Sinan Closed Sport In the hall, goods and food aid are provided. The needs of the earthquake victims who come here are met from the social market established by donations. Rem Gül (40), who came to Edirne with his 4 children after the earthquake, said that the roof and walls of the 5-storey apartment building in the Gültepe District of Hatay were destroyed in the earthquake. Rem Gül, who settled in his friend’s house in Edirne with his children Mahmut Gül (9), Bihter Gül (12), Anılcan Gül (2.5) and Mutiya Gül, said that they saved their lives at the last moment. Stating that his wife died from a heart attack 1.5 years ago, Gül said, “We experienced the earthquake very badly. I loved my home. I had a happy life. In the first earthquake, we hid in the living room with my children and started to pray. The second earthquake hit harder. All of our belongings began to collapse, rain water began to leak from the roof. We were very scared with my children. Fortunately, our neighbor saved us. We stayed in our neighbor’s for a while. We were in very bad conditions. “I lost many of our neighbors, we saved our lives at the last moment,” he said.


Explaining that they stayed with his friends until they found a rental house in Edirne, Rem Gül said that many of his children’s belongings and toys became unusable in the earthquake. Noting that the piano she bought for her little daughter Mutiya on her birthday was broken in the earthquake, Gül said, “I bought the piano for my daughter’s birthday. In the earthquake, the cabinet fell over that toy piano and broke. We bought it when I went to Damascus, my daughter felt very sorry for her. Now we have come to Edirne, I am staying as a guest in the house of a neighbor who came here from there. I haven’t found a house yet. I don’t think I’ll be back for a while. I think of my children, I fear for them. “Maybe after a year, if I fix everything, I can consider returning,” he said.


Mutiya Gül, describing his experiences during the earthquake, said: “I was sleeping at that time, I woke up to my sister’s scream and then I realized that it was an earthquake too. My other brother Mahmut and my mother also came to us. Our neighbor saved us. I have my teddy bears and piano left at home. My piano was broken, I felt sorry for him. I loved my piano, it was my favorite toy. “Of course I want that piano again because I want to be a good pianist when I grow up,” he said.


Mahmut Gül, who said that their neighbors saved them in the earthquake, said, “We woke up with a great shock. We ran to my sister and brother. We hugged each other and waited for the earthquake to pass. When the earthquake subsided, our neighbor came and saved us. We stayed in the for a while, then we went to the village for a while and stayed there. Aftershocks continued to occur there, too, and we got used to it. Now we have come to Edirne, I am not afraid here. I miss my school and my friends so much. I’m still looking for my friends, I’m seeing them. “The thing I was most upset about was that I had a robot and drone at home, they were gone,” he said.

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