National Resistance and Social Solidarity Day messages from Western Thrace Turkish minority organizations

West ThraceTurkish institutions and organizations in Turkey, Western Thrace Turks, late Doctor Sadik Ahmet He made statements on the occasion of the 29 January National Resistance and Social Solidarity Day, which was the turning point of the struggle for rights in the recognition of Turkish identities under the leadership of the President.

In the statement released by the Western Thrace Turkish Minority Advisory Board (BTTADK), it was stated that January 29, 1988 was a day when the violation of human and minority rights was shouted out to the world public opinion. It was emphasized that the Turks of Western Thrace did not compromise their Turkishness despite being exposed to various acts of violence and oppression.

In the statement, “Our country, which claims to be the cradle of democracy at every opportunity and tries to teach democracy and human rights lessons to other countries (GreeceIt is thought-provoking that administrators, intellectuals, scientists and members of the press have never been able to make self-criticism.

It was stated in the statement that despite the years since the January 29 events, the ethnic identity of the Western Thrace Turkish minority was still denied and their fundamental rights and freedoms were prevented, and that the blow to the freedom of belief of the Western Thrace Turks continued.

The following statements were used in the statement, which also drew attention to the needs of the Turkish minority in the field of education:

“The authorities, who have been blind to the educational needs of the Turkish Minority for years, continue to pierce the autonomous status of minority education day by day.”

In the statement published by the Western Thrace Turkish Teachers’ Union (BTTÖB), it was noted that January 29, 1988 was a day when Western Thrace Turks showed an honorable resistance against the denial of their national identity and shouted to the world that they would never accept antidemocratic discrimination and oppression.

In the statement that drew attention to the violence against the Turks of Western Thrace on January 29, 1990, it said: “Two years later, it is forbidden to commemorate the Day of National Resistance and Social Solidarity, blacking out January 29, 1990 on the pages of history, and right to vandalize the workplaces belonging to the Western Thrace Turkish minority. We have never forgotten, we will not forget, and we will not let anyone forget the fascist attitude that sees it. European UnionWe are watching this attitude of ‘s with concern for humanity and peace. This attitude causes us to question our belief in concepts such as democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, and the right to equal education, which the European Union has been voicing and emphasizing sensitively for years, and even forming the foundations of its foundation.

In the statement published by the Association of Western Thrace Minority Graduates, the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish minority, entrusted to Greece with the Lausanne Peace Treaty, has lived a life respectful of Greek laws, but many basic human beings are guaranteed by education, freedom of religion, political representation and international conventions. that his right was violated.

In the statement released by the Xanthi Turkish Union (ITB), it was emphasized that on January 29, Western Thrace Turks were fighting against discriminatory practices and denial of national identity by raising their voices.

In the statement, “The Turkish minority of Western Thrace has achieved basic citizenship rights to a great extent thanks to the will and struggles it has shown on January 29. However, even 35 years have passed since January 29, 1988, there has not been the slightest improvement in the collective rights of the minority society. Unfortunately, the current problems new ones have been added to it.” statements were included.

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