‘Native grain seed varieties’ were brought together with soil in Kırklareli

KirklareliLocal grain seed varieties developed with the slogan “Let no farmers be left without our local and national seeds” were planted in .

By Kırklareli Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, trial fields were created in 4 villages from the local wheat, barley and oat seed varieties obtained from the Thrace Agricultural Research Institute.

connected to the city center Rockytake care, Kofçaz with Beyci Visa Oats “Candidate”, “Cyclic“, “Hennaed“, “Küçükyayla”, “Hero,” “Kınalı” and “Kırklar”, “Candidate”, “Damla” and “Saban” of wheat, “October”, “January” and “Orak” of barley were planted.

Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mehmet Aksoyexamined the trial areas and checked the development of cereals.

In his statement to the journalists, Aksoy said that they continue to work on demonstration of domestic and national cereal varieties, and that the quality and yield of domestic seed varieties will be tested and the most suitable seed for the region will be determined.

Expressing that agriculture is a strategic sector, Aksoy stated that it is aimed to decrease imports by increasing the production capacity with domestic seed varieties.

Inviting the farmers to sow local seeds, Aksoy said, “Our developed domestic and national seeds have an important place for our country’s agriculture and our future.” he said.

Son Dika Current ‘Native grain seed varieties’ were brought together with soil in Kırklareli – Last Minute

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