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Lawyer Ersan Barkın claimed that Netflix, the digital content platform, contacted Sedat Peker. Ersan Barkın is Peker’s lawyer.

Peker, who is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), made allegations about the government, especially Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, in the videos and tweets he published last year, which caused national outrage. A ‘social media restriction’ was imposed on Peker when the government fixed relations with the UAE administration, with which he had previously been ‘fighted’. Peker said on August 1, “Wait for me until two months before the election. I will make you unable to go out on the street,” he said.

When the videos published by Peker on Youtube became the agenda, a category was opened in the online database IMDb, which contains information about movies, series, television programs, video games and internet content.

After these, it was claimed that Netflix contacted Peker. Peker’s lawyer, Ersan Barkın, said on Veryans’ YouTube channel that he participated: “Netflix had an official offer. People made some jokes about it when Sedat Peker videos hit IMDb, but Netflix’s Sedat Peker was actually contacted. I remember him answering, ‘I don’t know who plays, but he has to be a very crazy character in his own life rather than an acting talent’.”

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