New feature coming to iPhone 15! Apple finally agreed

Another feature that phones have had for years but is still missing from iPhones. reverse wireless charge. This feature allows you to use your phone as a wireless charger for other devices. So, when will this feature come to ?

According to the information obtained, 15 It will bring the wireless reverse charging feature to its phones with the series. That’s the case, according to sources who spoke to 9to5Mac and claimed that is working on the feature. Actually, it seems this feature 14 Pro ve 14 Pro Max It was originally planned for the 15, but engineering delays caused this feature to remain with the 15.

is not expected to offer this feature on the entire iPhone 15 series. Probably the US company, which is claimed to be the high-end model of the series. “iPhone 15 Ultra” throw away “iPhone 15 Pro Max” will add this feature to the model.

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