New software from the USA that will go down in aviation history!

Fortunately, they now have digital protection. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has named Axios, a platform at 43 major U.S. airports that alerts air traffic controllers if an aircraft accidentally queues to land on a taxiway. ASDE-X Taxiway Arrival Estimate (ATAP) reported that he used. An airman can no longer endanger lives on the ground simply because he is inexperienced or tired.

system, other with sensors together based on the standard radar. It also works regardless of aircraft size and can mark small turbo propellers or large aircraft. ROOF, first in 2018 Seattle-Tacoma International It was used at the airport. Now the FAA says it completed upgrades at compliant airports last September. Some of the airports using the include Boston Logan, Chicago O’Hare and New York JFK.

New from the USA that will go down in aviation history!

This system is much more than a theoretical exercise. FAA, ATAP It says it has caught more than 50 potential taxiway landings since 2018, and has had eight warnings so far in 2023 that averted the chaos from an airplane disrupting the tail.

of ATAP Its rise has come as airplanes and airports increasingly rely on digital systems. For example, Airbus has recently launched a company that can automatically divert flights in emergencies, assist with taxiing, and even when pilots are understaffed. capable of landing a pilot began testing its support. Full autonomy is still a distant possibility, but many safeguards may soon be available against everything from simple mistakes to an unconscious crew.

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