Nokia changed its logo after 60 years! Here is the new logo…

With a statement made today, announced that it will make a significant change in its brand identity. Company, For the first time in 60 years announced that it has changed its logo. Introducing its completely redesigned logo, the company made this change as part of its growth targets. The logo change will continue until March 2, starting in Barcelona. Mobile World CongressIt was announced at ().

The new logo, which can be described as simple but striking and modern, He forms the word with the use of five different shapes. In addition, it is widely known all over the world iconic dark It can also be seen that the use of blue has been abandoned.

Nokia changed its logo after 60 years!  Here is the new logo... - Picture : 1

CEO Pekka Lundmarkon this logo change, which represents the company’s transformation. ReutersIn a statement to .

grew 21% last year

2020The 59-year-old businessman, who took office in , had determined new strategies for the company, which was in a difficult period as soon as he took office. Lundmarkalso added that they recorded 21% growth last year and they plan to increase this as soon as possible.

Lundmark, BloombergIn an interview with , he said, “In most people’s minds, we are still without a successful phone brand; but that’s not what is aiming for. “We want to launch a new brand focused on networks and industrial digitization.” Looking to do business where only global leadership can be seen, ’s main purpose right now is to sell equipment to other businesses.

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