‘North Macedonian Turkish Education Day’ celebrated with enthusiasm in Edirne

Edirnein ‘North Macedonia ‘Turkish Education Day’ celebrated with enthusiasm

Edirne University of Trakya‘North Macedonia 21 December Turkish Language Day was celebrated with Balkan songs with great enthusiasm and dance moods.

Edirne GovernorateTrakya University, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of North Macedonia and TurkeyWith the contributions of Macedonian students studying in Turkey, ‘North Macedonia 21 December Turkish Language Day’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Trakya University Balkan Congress Center.

The ceremony started with a moment of silence, the National Anthem, and the singing of the North Macedonian national anthem. After the speeches, the celebration continued with a concert with the promotional film of Trakya University and the promotional film prepared by the Macedonian Students Union studying in Turkey. Rumelia In Ekrem’s concert, students and participants had fun and celebrated. With the decision adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia with the law proposal submitted by the Turkish Democratic Party Deputies of the period in 2007 and published in the KMCR Official Gazette dated February 15, 2007, the 21 December “Turkish Education Day” began to be celebrated.

To celebrate, North Macedonia İstanbul Consul General Aktan Ago, rector Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer, Chairman of the Turkish Democratic Party of North Macedonia and Deputy Beycan İlyas, President of Rumeli Balkan Associations Federation Kamuran Atakan, Honorary Consul of North Macedonia Eser Cevahir, Chairman of Macedonian Students’ Union Hisam Emin studying in Turkey, Edirne representative of Macedonian Students’ Union studying in Turkey Adis Bayramoski, representatives of public institutions and organizations, academics and students participated.

“We are always with you”

Stating that as Trakya University, they always stand by North Macedonia, “Trakya University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer said, “I congratulate all of our compatriots who speak Turkish in the Balkans and whose hearts are with Turkey.”

“Turkish holiday is now celebrated outside the borders of the country”

Stating that the Turks gained the right to Turkish education on December 21, 1944, Aktan Ago, Consul General of North Macedonia in Istanbul, said, “Macedonian Turks celebrate the 21st December Turkish Education Day with various activities throughout the country. Over the years, we see that this holiday is also celebrated outside the borders of North Macedonia. I am also pleased that it is celebrated by our compatriots.”

“I hope this holiday brings better tomorrows to the Balkan countries”

TDP Chairman and Deputy Dr. TDP, who said that he was honored to celebrate this holiday with fellow citizens and students in Turkey. Beycan İlyas said, “Hopefully, we will celebrate this holiday both in Turkey and in North Macedonia forever. I hope that such enthusiastic days as today will bring better tomorrows to Turkey and the Balkan countries, stay well and thank you.”

“How happy is the one who says I am a Turk”

Hisham Emin, Chairman of the Union of Macedonian Students Studying in Turkey, said, “We do not carry the Republic of Turkey identity card in our pockets, we live here with a residence permit. Skopje‘ten doyrana, Bosna’dan West Thrace“There is a phrase we proudly say to the Turkish community of North Macedonia and the whole Balkans, how happy is the one who says I am a Turk,” he said.

Son Dika art and culture ‘North Macedonian Turkish Education Day’ celebrated with enthusiasm in Edirne – Last Minute

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