Officially announced! 1.78 billion dollars support to Turkey!

Pazarcik After the centered earthquakes, financial aid began to be provided from all over the world. Lastly, the World Bank 1 billion 780 million dollarsannounced that it will provide support.

The World Bank has announced the aid package to support rescue and recovery efforts following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey. Organization through two existing projects 1 billion 780 million He said he would provide emergency aid.

Turkey Earthquake, Flood and Forest Fires Emergency Restructuring (TEFWER) It was stated that these aids will be delivered within the scope of the Climate and Disaster Resistant Cities Project. world Bank it also initiated a rapid damage assessment to estimate the extent of the disaster and identify priority areas for recovery and reconstruction support.

World Bank, supplement to support people affected by the disaster 1 billion dollars He said he will prepare for the operation. The emergency aid for Turkey will be used to rebuild basic infrastructure at the municipal level, while additional funding will be used to support recovery and rebuilding efforts.

world Bank Turkey Director Humberto Lopez“Turkey’s immediate and future needs are enormous and cover the whole spectrum, from aid to reconstruction. “We are providing immediate assistance and preparing a rapid assessment of the urgent and major needs in the field.”

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