Okan Gaytancıoğlu: ‘Food Prices Decreased 20 Percent All Over the World, Increased By 120 Percent In Turkey. ‘Increasing Remedy Production’

CHP Edirne Deputy Okan GaytanciogluDrawing attention to the increase in food prices, “Food prices all over the world decreased by 20 percent, Turkeyincreased by 120 percent. The solution is to increase production and support the producer. He has no other choice.”

Gaytancıoğlu visited a market in Edirne today and got information about the prices and sales of basic foodstuffs. Gaytancıoğlu told the owner of the market, “How much was the egg, how much did it cost? Did they buy 15 pieces in the past or did they buy more. They say divide the box or give five? You put the cheese in a smaller package, for example. The tomato paste has increased a lot. Again, milk and dairy products flew by. There is a huge increase in baby biscuits, especially. What are mothers doing, don’t they buy biscuits?” he asked.


The owner of the Edirne market said, “Eggs were playing between 18 liras, 50 kuruş and 20 liras, now they are sold for 35 liras. And 15’s… They were buying 15’s again, but they could buy more before. Now there is an extreme price increase, so is cheese. That’s why we shrink the packaging as much as we can, but our people have a hard time getting even that. Baby Those who have money can buy their biscuits, but a little bit. Those who don’t have money don’t get anything. “The packages used to be bigger, now they’re smaller,” he said.

Gaytancıoğlu spoke as follows on the words of the market owner:

“Food prices all over the world decreased by 20 percent, and increased by 120 percent in Turkey. If you ask what is the solution, the solution is to increase production. There is no other way to support the producer and to increase the purchasing power of the people.”

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