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Two weeks have passed since the earthquake that shook Turkey deeply. In the determination we made on the first day, we stated that after the earthquake, the debris would be much bigger than we thought, that it would take much longer to heal the wounds than we thought, and that it was a political choice that the AKP did nothing for this great risk that was coming during its long-term rule. We had stated that the wreckage was bigger than we “WE THINK”.


Let’s leave aside the most basic issues such as the rent calculations made with the eyes, the chain of negligence that makes one give up and the habit of irresponsibility for now. Because we are faced with worse cases.


There are many situations that leave a place in our memory after the earthquake. However, in order to make an introduction to the topic, we need to draw attention to two events that have become symbols.

1- The strange mood of AKP’s 25th and 26th Term Kahramanmaraş deputy Nursel Reyhanlıoğlu, who attacked İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, who was trying to initiate all kinds of attempts to heal the wounds by conducting investigations in the region, calling him an “English servant”.

2- The struggle of Attorney Bedia Büyükgebiz, trying to attract the attention of citizens on social media, in the face of the hasty decision to demolish the building of the Hatay Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Building Control and Materials Branch… While the lawyer Büyükgediz made the suspicion that the evidence regarding the demolition of the buildings would be blacked out, almost red-handed, the building began to be demolished with a few construction machines by the order of someone. While the files with wet signatures inside the building remained among the concrete piles, the relevant Ministry made a statement accepting the incident as normal and even threatening Büyükgediz.


When the second event is handled in the triangle of state, law and justice, it almost freezes one’s blood; is not it? However, when the concrete findings in the first example, which seems to be isolated, are reconsidered, we are faced with a recklessness that is at least as grave as in the second case.


In fact, the whole incident is related to the crimes committed based on the rent that the Justice and Development Party has created from the top to the bottom during its rule of more than twenty years, and the mob that takes advantage of the rent network by committing these crimes. This rent network can be pictured as a “food chain” descending from the top down.


From the companies that took billions of tenders delivered to the address and whose huge tax debts were erased in one fell swoop, every public that was at the bottom of the aforementioned “food chain” and defended these crimes for only a salary, was infected with evil in the simplest terms. As it can be understood from the definition of food chain, this evil is “organized evil”.


While making all these sociological determinations, when we type “organized evil” into the Google search engine, the first video we come across is very striking! Should we listen to Nasuh Mahruki, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to “earthquake and rescue” in Turkey?

Nasuh Mahruki: “Ten organized people can defeat a hundred unorganized people. But with good intentions, but with bad intentions… It is not a matter of discussion here for what purpose those ten organized people did this. That’s another matter… But 10 organized 100 scatter will be defeated. Evil is organized in Turkey, good must also be organized.

Tuluhan Tekelioğlu: Well, couldn’t the goodness be organized?

Nasuh Mahruki: It could not be organized because they were trained by beatings and they were afraid.


You may think that we have given the password to the fight against organized evil early. I wish it was this easy. In the analyzes that follow, we will have to delve more deeply into other aspects and causes of organized evil in the food chain described above. Because, another organizational model that can be an alternative to such a deeply rooted organization is only possible as a result of these analyses.


See you in the next articles where we will scrutinize organized evil down to the last detail…

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