Our data will go to the moon before us: Mini data center is being established!

Lonestar Data Holdings wants to protect Earth’s atmosphere by building data centers and a border computing center on the Moon. While the company is announcing initial funding values ​​for it, it is ready to launch its first experimental data storage center into space.

Datacenter goes to the moon before mankind

Lonestar raises $5 million in funding round for data center completed, and the company data centers announced that they are ready to embark on a series of missions to place them at the farthest location ever, namely the surface of the Moon. Lonestarto deliver centers to the Moon as part of the Artemis program by contract signed will work with Intuitive Machines, another company.

In 2021, Lonestar did its first test on the International Space Station for its data center project in space. The new plan will be to send a small data box to the Moon with Intuitive Machines’ second lunar mission (IM-2), while the IM-1 mission is expected to launch in June.

First settlement on the moon!

Founder of Lonestar Chris StottIn April 2022, the miniature data center on the IM-2 lander will weigh 1 kg and have a capacity of 16 terabytes. First Moon data centers can provide remote data storage and a backup solution for disaster.

Stott said that data is “the greatest currency ever created by the human race”. he had said. These data have become too important to be stored alone in Earth’s “more fragile biosphere than ever before.” The world’s largest satellite could represent the ideal place to “safely store” our data-driven future.

The first Lonestar data center to be sent to the Moon will partner with the IM-2 lander for power and communications needs. Any data centers sent thereafter will have their own power and communications facilities and will be deployable on the lunar surface by the end of 2026. The IM-2 mission is expected to take 11 to 14 days.

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