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CHP Spokesperson Faik Öztrak stated that there were significant losses in pensions compared to the minimum wage, and that there was a serious meltdown in civil servants’ salaries due to inflation, and said, “From the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2022, the amount stolen from the pocket of an average civil servant is exactly 26,427 liras.”

CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesperson Faik Öztrak stated the following in his written statement on pensions and civil servant salaries:
“In this country in 2002, the net minimum wage was 184 liras; The lowest civil servant pension was 377 lira, the lowest worker pension was 257 lira, and the lowest tradesman pension was 150 lira. Pension in 2002 – today to hit the minimum wage; The lowest tradesman pension should be 6 thousand 923 lira, the lowest worker pension should be 11 thousand 861 lira, the lowest civil servant pension should be 17 thousand 377 lira. But Erdogan is out; Saying, “I made the lowest pension of 5 thousand 500 liras,” he is arrogant to the Retiree. What Erdogan is doing is usurping the rights of 15 million retirees, including EYT members. It is stealing the pensioner’s rights.

They usurped the rights not only of the retired but also of our officers. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has been measuring the inflation that wage earners are dealing with for years. As a result of the “so-called” model implemented in the second half of 2021, the increase in the average civil servant salary was always below the inflation rate. The top blue line shows the ITO’s wages inflation. The green line at the bottom is the development of the average civil servant salary. The difference between inflation and salary shows the real wage loss of civil servants. From the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2022, the amount stolen from the pocket of an average civil servant is exactly 26 thousand 427 liras.
30% RISE IS NOT A cure-all
When we say “Inflation is the most unjust, most insidious tax”, this is what we mean. The 30 percent salary and monthly increase for civil servants and pensioners in two installments is not a cure for the problems caused by this government. Our nation saw what happened. He gave his note. He is counting the days now to submit his certificates.”

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