‘Pabuç Köfte’ registered with geographical indication

Tekirdagof “Circassian shoe meatball” was registered with geographical indication.

Garlic, tallow, spices and onions are mixed into the meatballs made with minced meat taken from the neck and rib meat of a beef that is not more than one year old grown in the pastures of the region. The kneaded meatballs are placed on the grill after resting for a while.

Trakya Development Agency and Hayrabolu Municipality applied to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for the registration of the meatballs last year. The institution, which examined the application, gave a geographical indication document for “Çerkezmüsellim shoe meatball” yesterday.

Trakya Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Sahinto AA correspondent, Hayrabolu dessert, dark guide twill weave, malkara stale cheddar, Tekirdağ meatballs, Tekirdağ cheese halva, Tekirdağ onion, Yapıncak vine leaves, Velimese He said that “Çerkezmüsellim shoe meatball” was registered as the city’s 9th product with geographical indication after boza.

Şahin stated that meatballs were started to be made in the Hayrabolu district in the 1970s and became a famous taste when the people who ate them told about their taste.

Mayor of Hayrabolu Osman Inan and TurkeyHe stated that they will announce the name of their district to Turkey with “Çerkezmüsellim pabuç meatballs”.

Meatballs are an important gastronomic element in Tekirdağ.

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ahmet Hacioglu stated that meatballs are an important gastronomic element in every province of Thrace.

Emphasizing that the unique flavor of the proprietary Tekirdağ onion gives “Çerkezmüsellim shoe meatballs” a distinctive taste, Hacıoğlu said, “One of the features of this meatball is that it consists of 50 percent lean meat, the remaining 50 percent meat in the ribs and neck region, but in fact, this meatball is the most special feature. It is the proprietary Tekirdag onion. he said.

“The shoes of other meatballs will be thrown on the checker”

Mahmut Yalçın, who has been making meatballs for 3 generations in Hayrabolu district, also said that their meatballs, which will be heard more with their registration, will throw the others out of the way.

Stating that they are working to make Turkey recognize the taste of “Çerkezmüsellim shoe meatballs”, Yalçın emphasized that the biggest feature that distinguishes it from other meatballs is its meat and spices.

Meatballs got this name because it looks like a kid’s shoe.

Stating that the meatball got this name because it resembles a child’s shoe, Yalçın said, “The shoe meatball is first passed through a meat grinder, then blended with spices and passed through a meat grinder again. It is made in the form of an ellipse of 50 grams each.” said.

Explaining that they protect the secret of the spice they add to the meatballs, Yalçın said:

“Çerkezmüsellim shoe meatballs is the second registered meatball of Tekirdağ. Geographical indication has been registered. We are doing our best to make this flavor recognized by all of Turkey. “The places we call the breast region are used. The thigh meat is definitely not used. We can’t say the special spice in it because it is our secret, but it is one of the biggest flavors. Those who tasted the meatballs said that they did not think it could be this delicious, but after eating our meatballs, they were amazed.”

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