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Packaging made from seaweed

Packaging produced from seaweed reduces dependence on oil and fossils, and is recyclable.

With the developed SUPEX 2011 ALG BOPP film, Süper Film Ambalaj was awarded the most prestigious award in the industry.

GAZİANTEP – SUPEX 2011 ALG BOPP film (double-stretched polypropylene film), which was developed from seaweed grown on land as a result of R&D studies of Süper Film Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, company of SANKO Holding in the packaging sector, received an international award. With the packaging produced, dependence on oil and fossil resources is reduced, while recycling is also provided.

SUPEX 2011 ALG BOPP film (double-sided stretched polypropylene film), developed by SANKO Holding’s company in the packaging industry, Süper Film Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, from seaweed grown on land as a result of R&D studies, The world It was deemed worthy of an award in the “Packaging Materials and Components” category at the WorldStar Awards, the most prestigious competition in the industry, organized by the Packaging Organization. SUPEX 2011 ALG BOPP (double-stretched polypropylene) film, which can be used in food and non-food packaging applications, contains a certain amount of biopolymer. In this way, the dependence of the packaging on petroleum and derivative fossil resources is reduced. An important feature of the biopolymer used in the film structure is that it is obtained from seaweed grown in terrestrial environments. In this way, it is possible to produce biopolymer without using any agricultural resources and without any negative effects on the food chain. In addition, the relevant film can be recycled with standard PP packaging materials and reused in a circular economy.

Expressing that they are happy that their successful work in the field of innovation and R&D has been rewarded on internationally respected platforms, Özer underlined that they aim to produce more square meters with thinner films and to pack more packages with less kilograms, thanks to the new technologies they have developed, and they have achieved this. Özer said, “Our company Super Film Packaging was deemed worthy of the world packaging award in a packaging competition organized by the World Packaging Organization since 1970. Turkey9 companies won from ,” he said.

“We produced bio-based packaging from seaweed”

Stating that they produce bio-based packages from seaweed, Özer said:

“We turned to some sources other than petroleum derivatives. We have received the award of the world packaging organization as a result of this work. We produced bio-based packages from algae as a result of a study we carried out from seaweed grown and harvested. We aimed to use less petroleum-based packaging materials. How paper “If we do not cut forests for our products and use growing forests in the pulp industry, we also produced biopolymer raw materials made from seaweed as Super Film. We continue to work in different areas as well.”

“Although we are foreign-dependent in petro-chemistry, we have a foreign trade surplus”

Özer said, “The packaging industry in Turkey is a sector with a foreign trade surplus. Although we, as Super Film, are foreign-dependent in petro-chemistry, our company is an organization with foreign trade surplus.”

“Our capacity will reach 180 thousand tons with new investments”

Emphasizing that they will increase their capacity by 50 percent with new investments, Özer said, “We will continue to grow with investments in 2023. We aim to open our new factory in 2023. We plan to increase our capacity by 50 percent in total. Our new factory will be in the Thrace region as we will work mainly on exports. Our film production will reach 130 thousand tons with the commissioning of our new capacity, and our total capacity will reach 180 thousand tons together with the other films we have produced,” he said.

About Super Movie

Super Film Packaging, Gaziantep Organized Industrial ZoneIt has been continuing its production activities since 1995. There are BOPP production lines with a total production capacity of 70 thousand tons/year, BOPET with 48 thousand tons/year, 6 thousand tons/year multi-layer barrier film and CPP and metallized production lines with a 39 thousand tons/year capacity. In addition, Süper Film Ambalaj, which has an adhesive tape production facility, is one of the world’s leading packaging film manufacturers, producing a wide variety of packaging films under one roof. In addition to Turkey’s first and only extrusion (thermal) coating line, it is proud to offer special coated products with a new coating line with a capacity of 12 thousand tons/year, which it invested in 2015. With the new BOPP line planned to be opened at the end of 2023, it aims to increase the annual BOPP film production to 130 thousand tons.

With the new BOPP line investment, which will be commissioned in addition to its existing capacity, Süper Film will reach an installed capacity of 180 thousand tons of flexible packaging film. Super Film Packaging adopts the principles of Sustainability in accordance with the “Circular Economy” solutions closely followed by the world. It works to reduce the carbon footprint of the flexible packaging materials produced by using raw materials obtained from renewable resources or recycled.

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