Paddy seeds with 75 percent grant will be distributed to producers in Edirne

Edirne Paddy seeds with a 75% grant will be distributed to the producers by the Agriculture and Forestry Directorate.

In the statement made by the Directorate, “With Drip Irrigation in Edirne Province, Paddy It was stated that the Project for the Dissemination of Breeding

In the statement, it was stated that the producers who want to benefit from the project should apply until the end of the working day on March 15, and the following was noted:

“According to the Project for Enabling the Use of Agricultural Lands implemented by our Ministry, within the scope of the ‘Expansion of Rice Cultivation with Drip Irrigation Project in Edirne Province’ to be carried out in our province, 75% of the seeds will be given with the Ministry grant and 25% with the producer’s contribution, provided that irrigation is carried out with the drip irrigation method. Our producers who want to make a preliminary application to the project should apply to our provincial and district directorates until the end of the working hours on March 15.”

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