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Keşan MunicipalityAs a result of the jury’s evaluation, the results of the painting competition at primary and secondary school level and photography competition organized by .
Award-winning competitions organized to leave a better environment for future generations; It was held in three different categories for primary, secondary and high school students.
The competitions organized in cooperation with Keşan Municipality and Keşan District Directorate of National Education were held under the coordination of Keşan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate.
Martyr Police Ahmet Can Secondary School Visual Arts Teacher Meral Çalı, Gazi Special Education Practice School Visual Arts Teacher Ayşegül Çam, Keşan Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs and Municipality Art Center officials; As a result of the evaluation of the jury consisting of Painting Teacher Mustafa Irmak, Mehmet Ali Kuş and Seda Remittance, Nisa Öztürk from Rasim Ergene Primary School took the 2nd place in the competition themed “The Environment Through the Eyes of the Child” for primary school children. Ece Naz Sinecek from Anafartalar Primary School came in 3rd.
Ali Akça from Yekta Baydar Secondary School, Güneş Simay Sezen from Private Nevzat Kahraman Secondary School, and Ece BuğlemDıngırdan from Private Keşan Right Answer Secondary School came in third in the “Climate Change” painting competition for middle school children.
In the photography contest themed “Nature Awaits You” for high school students, the jury was selected by Beyza Yücel from Private Keşan Batı College Anatolian High School, Rümeysa Kır from Keşan Science High School, and Mehmet Akif Ersoy Anatolian High School. Mustafa Enez chose Songun’s photo as the 3rd.
In the competitions organized by Keşan Municipality in order to raise awareness of nature and environmental problems and to leave a more livable environmental awareness in future generations, in the environmental competition at the primary school level with the theme of “Environment through the Eyes of the Child”; Bicycle for the 1st place, a scooter for the 2nd place, a painting set for the 3rd place, a tablet for the 1st place in the painting competition on climate change at the secondary school level, a bicycle for the 2nd place, a bluetooth headset for the 3rd place, nature between high schools In the photography contest with the theme “Waiting for you,” the 1st place will be awarded a laptop, the 2nd place with a tablet, and the 3rd with a smart watch.
All the paintings and photographs participating in the competition will be exhibited by the Keşan Municipality during the Environmental Protection Week, and the prizes of the winners will be given to the participants within the scope of this week.
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