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The regulation to be issued for the Aged Retirement, which millions of citizens have been waiting for, has been postponed. The Grand National Assembly of Turkey will take a recess on 27,28,29 December with the decision taken by AKP and MHP deputies. The aforementioned EYT decision is left until 2023.

AKP made a proposal to the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to suspend the legislative activities for a week next week.

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel said, “I have the group proposal of the AK Party Group, it will be voted on soon. Do you know the Turkish translation of this group proposal? The year ends without keeping the promises made. The group proposal says, ‘We are clearing out the case of committing crimes against the Constitution this week, we are not working next week,’” he said.

Reminding the government’s statements that the regulation regarding EYT members will not last until the new year, Özel said:
What happened to those living in retirement? One minister spoke like that. You promised, ‘It will pass the Parliament before the end of 2022’. You have brought a group suggestion that will enable those who are stuck in retirement to leave their necks bowed and enter the new year happily on New Year’s Eve, with anxiety and uneasiness. We absolutely do not accept any discrimination, any restriction, especially age restriction, for those who come to age at retirement. MHP has a law proposal that was given 5 years ago, 4 years ago. People have been waiting for this for 4 years. You said, ‘We will not pass if we know we will lose the election’. They also obeyed you, you see, the election is coming, you said, ‘We will bring it now,’ but 2022 is over, you are leaving without making any arrangements for those who are old enough to retire. In addition, you have a staffing promise to the contractors, you leave without giving the staff to the contractors.

Özgür Özel continued his words as follows:
The law you enacted says, ‘The ombudsman report will be handled within that year’, so you leave without discussing the ombudsman’s report. Also, our colleague Özlem Zengin promised and said, ‘We will establish a commission on child abuse’. All parties submitted their proposals. You are leaving without making your proposal and establishing the commission. As CHP, improvement in income tax brackets… What is in 32 thousand should be brought to 80 thousand liras, but without doing this; A slice of 70 thousand needs to be made 200 thousand, you go without doing this. What is it doing? It means paying 16 thousand liras more tax per year from a person who earns a gross salary of 10 thousand liras. We say, ‘Let’s make this arrangement, let’s save these people from the additional tax burden of 16 thousand liras in this snow, winter and poverty.’ Also, winter has come, you can’t find resources. The formula you came up with to find resources is you go to Putin and say, ‘We will burn the natural gas this year, Mr. Kemal will pay next year’.

Reminding that they submitted a law proposal for the removal of employers for the promotion paid to the employees, Özel said, “We have a promotion law proposal. This means: The boss intervenes between the employee and the bank in the private sector and seizes the employee’s right to promotion, mostly in call centers but in many places. We said, let’s propose a law, let the employer get out of the way, get the boss, and pay the promotion directly. While the pensioner who decides alone gets a promotion of 9 thousand liras, his salary will be higher than that and a bargain for all employees may bring a payment of 15 thousand liras. What is this? This year it is the natural gas bill, the electricity bill, the water bill, the coal cost, if any, and the heating cost. Let’s shoot the bird of the tea with the stone of the tea, let’s get the boss out of the way, but you leave without saying ‘yes’ to this either. We do not accept this,” he said.

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