Parliament Speaker Şentop made a statement after breakfast with Roman NGOs.

Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa Sentop, Sweden‘in Turkeyof Stockholm Stating that they have learned that they have allowed a provocative action in the form of burning the Quran in front of the Embassy, ​​which will provoke the whole Islamic world and Muslims, “We expect them to take the necessary measures in this regard immediately and to take measures to prevent such actions.” said.

Şentop, TBMM İstanbul He met with representatives of Roma non-governmental organizations for breakfast at the Labor Office. Şentop, who was photographed with Roman citizens, later made statements to members of the press.

More Thrace in the program, Canakkale ve KocaeliStating that there are representatives of non-governmental organizations from Turkey, Şentop said yesterday, President Recep Tayyip ErdoganHe said that Turkey held a meeting with Romani citizens, and a strategy document for Romani citizens was published in the Official Gazette today.

Emphasizing that the first stage action plan was published in the Official Gazette, Şentop said, “The details of this Family It is stated that it will be presented to the public by our Ministry. Of course, I am from Tekirdag. A city with a dense Romani population since our childhood is predominantly in Thrace. Steps were taken to improve their natural situation and to enable them to benefit from the country’s opportunities to the extent they deserve. Important steps have been taken. There is more work to be done. They told us both their impressions of yesterday’s meeting and their projects related to their own regions. These are our friends who have been working for our Roma citizens for many years in non-governmental organizations and have made an effort. We have been with them for more than 10 years. That’s why we came together for breakfast,” he said.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop also made evaluations about the terrorist acts against President Erdoğan and Turkey, with the Swedish police permitting the “burning of the Koran” in front of the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.

Expressing that they have been following the developments in Sweden for a long time, Şentop continued as follows:

“Sweden has already been at the fore PKK It allowed and formed the basis for the activities of terrorist organizations, including terrorist organizations, anti-Turkey actions, and acts of hostility towards Muslims and Islam. During the NATO membership process, he had the opportunity to follow these issues with them in closer cooperation. Madrid Sweden and FinlandUpon the application of . They made a commitment. Thus, due to this commitment, it was necessary and necessary for us to follow the subject much more closely. They have some verbal statements, some statements about fulfilling their commitments, but of course these words are not enough. We look at their work, we look at their actions. There has been no development in this regard. While we were in this expectation, 1 week, 10 days ago, we told our President and Republic of TurkeyA very ugly, despicable act took place against . We all reacted very strongly to that.”

“They still allow similar actions”

Şentop, Sweden last week Speaker of the Assembly He reminded that Andreas Norlen was going to visit Turkey, but he canceled it.

Underlining that they have very clear and justified reasons for this, Şentop said, “But we see that an attitude that will correct this and not allow the actions of terrorist organizations has not yet taken place. They allow similar actions again. Moreover, this time, we see that the Qur’an is in front of our Embassy. “We learned that they also allowed an action in the form of burning the Quran, a provocative action that will provoke the whole Islamic world and Muslims. We expect them to take the necessary measures in this regard immediately and to take measures to prevent such actions.” used the phrases.

Şentop stated that this is a very provocative action not only for Turkey but also for the entire Islamic world.

“If Sweden allows these, it will show that it is in unity with the activists in terms of complicity and participation in these hate crimes. I also hold the Presidency of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the term presidency. A letter to the parliamentary heads of other Islamic countries on this issue “I have our friends do a study to ensure that they show the necessary reactions on this issue by writing to them. In this capacity, I will also make a statement.”

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