Parliamentary Secretary General Kumbuzoğlu was elected as the Vice President of ISIPAB Secretaries General

Islamic cooperation organization Parliament Mehmet Ali Kumbuzoğlu, the General Secretary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, who was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the Secretaries General of the Union (ISIPAB), said that they will work to make institutions representing the Islamic world, especially ISIPAB, more effective in the international arena.

AlgeriaAt the meeting held at the general assembly of the 17th ISIPAB Conference, held in the capital city of Turkey, Kumbuzoğlu, the Secretary General of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, said that ISIPAB’s Asia The general secretaries responsible for their countries were elected as vice-presidents.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Kumbuzoğlu stated that the parliamentary secretaries of 54 Islamic countries came together within the scope of the ISIPAB Conference. Kumbuzoğlu stated that they exchanged views on helping politicians as administrative organizations in this context.

Speaker of the Parliament Mustafa SentopPointing out that the speech made by ISIPAB at the opening of the ISIPAB Conference was very effective, Kumbuzoğlu said, “We, as the administrative organizations, were also impressed. Turkey Since our Speaker of the Assembly led the way, we, as the general secretary, were nominated to do something in this context.”

Kumbuzoğlu, regarding the election of the ISIPAB Secretaries General Presidency as the vice president responsible for Asian countries, said, “I am honored by this as the General Secretary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. I hope I will try to do what is necessary in the best way.” used the phrases.

Activation of institutions in the Islamic world

Pointing out that organizations representing the Islamic world need a leader to be more active in the field, Kumbuzoğlu emphasized that Turkey is seen as a leading country in this context, and therefore the area of ​​responsibility of the administrative organizations has expanded.

Kumbuzoğlu noted that they will strive to establish research centers and that their efforts to create documents, reports and all kinds of arguments will provide great support to politicians and lawmakers.

Kumbuzoğlu stated that he had the opportunity to explain his work at the General Assembly of ISIPAB and received great appreciation, adding that they will continue to increase their efforts as the representative of the “pioneer country Turkey”.

Kumbuzoğlu stated that they aim to make ISIPAB more effective in international platforms such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA), so they will enable the general secretaries of 54 countries to meet more frequently.

As the General Secretary of the Parliament Azerbaijan, Pakistan, İranIndonesia and Malaysia Kumbuzoğlu stated that they started their relations with countries such as: “In this way, our frequent meetings with the parliamentary secretaries of Islamic countries will play a big role in realizing our ideals.” said.

Pointing to the “self-criticism” directed by the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop to the structures of organizations representing the Islamic world, Kumbuzoğlu said, “We are very active organs of the assemblies. As administrative organizations, the more close order, intertwined, the more their hearts move, the more they come into contact with each other, with the assemblies of 54 Islamic countries. If they are in a state of state, it will also affect politicians. Therefore, we as general secretaries need to work more closely.” said.

Emphasizing that a step should be taken so that the work done does not remain on paper, Kumbuzoğlu said, “Unless we take a step, it is not possible for us to get a result. Our Honorable Speaker of the Assembly has already expressed this.” he said.

Kumbuzoğlu noted that his election as the General Secretary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey as the Deputy Chairman of the Secretaries General of ISIPAB is an important step in this context and that they will try to do what needs to be done as Turkey.

Şentop drew attention to the influence of organizations representing the Islamic world.

Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Şentop, in his speech as the 16th term president of the ISIPAB Conference on January 29, stated that the organizations representing the Islamic world are generally ineffective and said, “They are grappling with internal conflicts and are far from being the loud voice of the Islamic world. Despite all his material and spiritual potential, it is unfortunately not possible to say that he is in the place he deserves. he said.

Noting that the Islamic world needs to redesign these institutions, Şentop said, “Our union should be stronger and our voice should be louder. Palestine‘den Rohingya’ya, Karabakh‘and Uyghur to the Turks, Afghanistan‘and Crimeato the North Cyprus‘tan West Thracefrom European countries Far To the shores of Asia, from the Americas to Australia AfricaIt is a responsibility and a sin that our faith imposes on us to deal with the problems of our brothers, wherever we have a brother on earth, to work for the protection of their rights, and to fight to stop the persecution they suffer.”

The 17th Conference of ISIPAB was held in Algeria on 29-30 January with the title “The Islamic World and the Challenges of Modernization and Development”.

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