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Saray Municipality started a new project for families who were victims of the earthquake. With the project called “People’s Sıla”, empty houses in the district are allocated to earthquake-affected families. The People’s Sıla project aims to provide a warm environment of love to people coming from the earthquake area.

Five days have passed since the earthquake that shook Turkey deeply. All non-governmental organizations and municipalities from all over Turkey rolled up their sleeves to offer their best help. In this short time, truckloads of aid materials were transferred to the earthquake area. Saray Municipality, which supported the aid campaign to the region, started to work since the first day and sent five trucks and two trucks of materials.

Saray Municipality officials, who stated that transferring the aid to the region is of vital importance in order to heal the wounds at the first moment, stated that as a result of the contacts in the region, another project should be produced and that’s why they started the People’s Sıla project.

The main line of the project is that it is of vital importance for the people of the region to get away from the trauma and the negativities brought by the destruction and that people regain the warmth of a home environment in a short time.

Thanks to the helpful citizens who opened the doors of their empty houses within the scope of the project, the municipal authorities started to bring families directly from the earthquake zone to the furnished houses. Houses without belongings were also equipped in a short time like one day and arranged for the use of families who were homeless in the earthquake.

Everything is meticulously prepared down to the smallest detail for the comfort of the arriving families. That’s why everything from the food in the kitchens to the personal hygiene materials is prepared from the very first moment. Families entering the house encounter the nostalgia of a burning stove and toys prepared for their children.

Deputy Mayor of Saray, Fuat Ünal, who stated that they care about creating a perfect love environment that will make people forget their deep pain beyond a complete house where they can put their heads, said: “As in all of Turkey, Saray Municipality took action quickly. We did our best in the face of this national disaster that befell us. And our friends developed a project meanwhile. With the People’s Sıla project, we opened our homes, shelters, homes and hearts to the earthquake victims. I am eternally grateful to those who contributed.”

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