Population Exchange Commemorated in Büyükçekmece on its 100th Anniversary

Turkey ve Greece In its 100th anniversary, the Population Exchange between BuyukcekmeceIt was mentioned in . The Mayor of Büyükçekmece, who spoke at the emotional event where the exchangers first set foot on the pier, were reenacted. Hasan AkgunDrawing attention to the provocative statements made by the Greek rulers in the recent period, he said, “Let the Greek state remain loyal to the Treaty of Lausanne and remember from the history that will happen to them.”

The Population Exchange, made with the agreement signed between Turkey and Greece on January 30, 1923, was commemorated in Büyükçekmece in its 100th year. Büyükçekmece Mayor Hasan Akgün attended the event, Tepecik Thrace. Rumelia Culture and Solidarity Association President Olcay Özcan, Great Exchange Association President Sabit Semiz, Thessaloniki Melpo Kalomori, the President of the Monastrakia Cultural Association, Theodoros Chatzipavlos, the Vice-President of the Neo Playa Cultural Association, Apostolos Ster, the Member of the Municipal Council of Halkidona, and many guests from Turkey and Greece.

Organized in cooperation with Büyükçekmece Municipality, Great Exchange Association and Tepecik Thrace Rumeli Association, the event started with the singing of the National Anthem after a moment of silence. After the speeches made in the program, a prayer was read for the exchanged people who lost their lives. Red carnations were left in the sea in memory of those who lost their lives on the migration routes. Emotional moments were experienced by reviving the moments when the immigrants from Greece first set foot on Mimarsinan Pier. President Akgün presented red carnations to the emigrants who got off the ship, and then took a souvenir photo.

Büyükçekmece Mayor Hasan Akgün, who spoke at the program, said, “With the Treaty of Lausanne, a population exchange took place between the two countries. Around 1.5 million Greek Orthodox immigrated from Turkey to Greece, and 500 thousand Muslim Turks living in Greece are forced to migrate to Turkey. Today “We are living the 100th anniversary of immigration. Just as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the population exchange,” he said.


Recalling the provocative statements made by Greek administrators in the recent period, President Akgün said, “We saw that the Chief of the General Staff of Greece was shouting war against Turkey. This drama happened 100 years ago. Again, we told them here that we never approve of the actions against the Treaty of Lausanne between Greece and Turkey by Greece. For whatever reason, 100 years later, Greece continues to display hostile attitudes. We never accept the warmongering made by the Chief of the General Staff just this morning. When the time comes, if they want a slap. Republic of Turkey The state and the Turkish people will respond to the Greek politicians. Earlier Servant We will take it again, just as we took it as a prisoner near it. It doesn’t matter to us, let them make up their minds. Let the Greek state remain loyal to the Treaty of Lausanne, and let them remember what will happen to them from the history,” he said.


Describing the refugees who returned from Turkey, Hasan Akgün said, “They have not forgotten the places where they were born. They gave the names of the cities they lived in Turkey to the places where they settled in Greece.”


Within the scope of the 100th anniversary of the population exchange commemoration activities in Büyükçekmece, an exhibition and conversation on “Century Age Stories of Sadness” was held on the first day. The speakers of the conversation, moderated by historian Tazar Sacide Bolcan, were Prof. Dr. Kemal Ari, prof. Dr. Evangelia Balta, Dr. Neval Konuk Halaçoğlu and Dr. He became Georgios Tsotsos. Faruk Yilmaz There were emotional moments from time to time at the Rumeli Balkan Melodies Concert. On the last day of the commemoration activities, a documentary on “Caliktraya Port: The First Step to the Motherland” was screened. In the closing part of the activities, the Special Program of the IMM City Orchestra for the 100th Anniversary of the Population attracted great attention.

Son Dika Local Population Exchange Commemorated in Büyükçekmece on Its 100th Anniversary – Last Minute

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