Possibility to make the phone of your dreams from Xiaomi: You can use the parts you want!

aims to help you reveal your unique phone with its new service, Dreams 2.0. You can create your own phone from scratch using the parts you have chosen and learn the value of your ideal phone.

A new more modern service from : Dreams 2.0

Dreams 2.0 is a new service available online on Russia’s website. With this new service offered to its users, the company can choose which features will be on their smartphones. An animation is shown to users with each new component you add to your dream phone.

With Xiaomi's new project, you will be able to make a phone with the features you want!

The service offered by on the site seems to be very extensive. However, you cannot select some features. For example, the cooling system to be used in the device, the detailed equipment of the selected lenses and the design of the device.

In addition to the animation, you can also see the descriptions of the parts used. has developed a similar app in the past. The more advanced version of this first application developed is called Dreams 2.0. The site accessible to everyone by clicking here You can immediately choose which features you want to have on your dream device.

It’s still a well thought out and executed project. If the company manufactures the phones designed here and sells them to users, it will be a first in the world.

What do you think about Dreams 2.0?

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