Preparations for YouTube without internet have begun!

The number of users of music listening platforms has increased significantly in the recent period. , Music, Music ve Platforms such as these continue to offer new features while competing with each other. Finally, Music has started to offer an option that can be quite useful.

It will automatically download

YouTube Music now thanks to a new option will be able to automatically download the most recently played songs on the devices. In this way, users will be able to listen to the songs they listened to before, even when they do not have access to the internet in the next periods.

YouTube Music this feature first in 2023 announced in February. Although he stated that he opened this feature in January, The feature of downloading recently listened songs on is only now widely available.

YouTube MusicNew feature introduced in ve iPad It was announced before for the models, but the downloading of the last listened songs on the platform is not yet available on devices. The new update will also bring some bug fixes to the devices.

YouTube Music With its new feature, it gives its users the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs without internet.

1 GB or about 250 songs Thanks to the smart download feature, it will be automatically downloaded to the phones. To turn on this setting, you can follow these steps:

– Open the YouTube Music app
– Login to the profile page via the icon in the upper right
– Click on Settings
– Tap on Downloads & storage
– Activate by tapping the smart download switch

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