Presidency of National Palaces will restore Edirne Palace to its former glory (1)

President of National Palaces Dr. Yasin Yıldız, The structure of Murat II period Edirne He said that they are determined to revive the Palace with a holistic approach to the Palace Cedide-i Amire.

Yıldız, Edirne Palace Printing House Amire (palace kitchen) section, Edirne Governor H. Kursat KirbiyikMayor of Edirne Recep Gurkan, University of Trakya Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoglu and revival works Science board President Prof. Dr. A press conference was held with the participation of Sadettin Öktem.

Yıldız said that on October 18, 2022, Edirne Palace was allocated to the Presidency of National Palaces for its restoration and revival by the Presidency’s decision.

TurkeyStating that the area of ​​the palace, which is one of the most precious works of Istanbul, is 1200 decares, Yıldız said, “Edirne Palace is a place that has experienced misfortunes for many years starting from the Ottoman period, so some of these structures have not survived, and some of them have reached us. We have determined that an important part of the finds are here, during the field researches and investigations. said.

Yıldız underlined that they will carry out a holistic work in Edirne Palace, just like they did in Yıldız Palace.

Stating that the studies will be carried out under the supervision of the and Evaluation Board of the Presidency of National Palaces, Yıldız stated that the board has completed the field determinations and a report has been prepared.

Stating that as a result of the report, it was determined that the Edirne Palace was a complex of buildings that could be revived as a whole and would make a very serious contribution to the historical and cultural heritage, Yıldız said, “We contributed to the restoration of the Sand Pavilion and the Matbahı Amire between 2007 and 2009, but as National Palaces, we have contributed to the restoration of this area. “The other works were isolated. The report expresses the importance of handling historical heritage sites holistically. As the first topic of our roadmap, we are determined to revive the Edirne Palace with a holistic approach within the framework of the master plan.” he said.

Yıldız stated that the excavation services in the area will continue during the works, that the works planned for five years will be handled with an attitude towards understanding the historical and cultural characteristics of the capital city of Edirne, and scientific studies will be carried out based on documents.

Emphasizing that a branch of the culture and art centers of the National Palaces Institute will be opened in this area, Yıldız said, “Our goal is to serve as a representative office, as in the same period of our state, and most importantly, to be a history complex where tourists can learn about the past of the people of Edirne. When the works are completed, Edirne Palace Humayun will be a great part of the historical cultural heritage. It will be an important document.” said.

Yıldız, within the scope of the works to be carried out with 400 restorers of the Presidency of National Palaces, both in the palace area and nearby. Tundzha RiverHe added that work will also be carried out in .

If the Governor Kırbıyık Arif Nihat AsyaHe said that it was a very special day for Edirne, which Turkey described as “the Turkish deed in Thrace”.

Stressing that the National Palaces are the right address for a holistic revival, Kırbıyık said, “How does Edirne have a role in Ahlat, Manzikert The Turks’ gateway to Anatolia, on the other hand, was in Edirne. İstanbulI think that a very important bridge will be established between our past and our future with the revival of this palace, which is the gateway to both Europe and Europe.”

Mayor Gürkan, in particular the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan thanks to those who contributed.

Gürkan said that the situation of the Er Square, where Kırkpınar Wrestling is held in the private garden of the palace, will be evaluated in the coming days with the recommendations of the scientific committee.

Rector Prof. Tabakoğlu noted that it was a historic day for Edirne.

Chairman of the Scientific Committee Öktem expressed that he believes that places have a soul and talked about the importance of the study.

Edirne Palace

Edirne Palace, which was started to be built in 1450, Suleiman The Magnificent It has been repaired many times since then.

The palace, which expanded with additions over time, was damaged since it was used less since the second half of the 18th century. It was devastated by the great earthquake of 1752 and the fire of 1776. The palace, which was partially repaired in 1827, was used as a camp by the Russian forces that occupied Edirne in 1829. It took the greatest damage during this period.

Many buildings were saved during the repair period during the time of Governor Hurşit Pasha and Hacı İzzet Pasha, but when the occupation forces approached the city during the Russian War of 1876-1877, the ammunition piled up around Babüssaade was detonated to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Many structures of the Edirne Palace were also destroyed by this explosion.

Only 11 structures, including Babüssaade (Ak Ağalar Gate), Adalet Kasrı, Matbahı Amire (kitchen), water maksemi, Hunting Lodge, Namazgahlı fountain and Kum Pavilion bath, have survived from Edirne Palace, which is thought to consist of around 100 buildings.

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