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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the details of the EYT arrangement. Erdoğan said, “With the regulation, approximately 2 million 250 thousand of our citizens gain the right to retire. There will be no age limit,” he said.

AKP Chairperson and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a statement regarding the regulation on retirement age (EYT).

Headlines from Erdogan’s statements are as follows:
“We are here with the good news of the EYT regulation. The regulation known as EYT, in other words, those who are at retirement age in the public, took its final form after long and extensive work. We’ve worked hard to make our social system manageable. In 2008, we carried the steps taken in September 1999 further in line with the realities of our country. Every reform brought with it new debates. One of them is the demands of the citizens who have to wait due to the age requirement, although they have filled the year and premium conditions according to the 1999 regulation. We believe that the system where 20 or 25 working people can get a much longer pension is not sustainable. We did not look forward to such an arrangement for a long time in order not to put a burden on the country’s economy without harming the maintenance of the system.

Due to the effects of the global crisis on our country, we show that we support fixed income citizens with minimum wage, civil servant and pension increases. Today, the expectations of the employees who started working before 1999 regarding the retirement age, we are going to show their support with the good news of my name. We are clearing the system from discussions with the regulation that means a great sacrifice of the state.

It is necessary to complete the number of premium payment days, the number of insurance and age. The regulation covers those who have completed the first two and are waiting for retirement due to age. We’re making the edit available to everyone in the current build. As a country that adds 1 million people to employment every year, we maintain the active-passive balance of our social system. With the regulation, approximately 2 million 250 thousand of our citizens gain the right to retire. No age limit will be applied.

In order for employers not to have difficulty in paying severance pay, KGF is launching a supported loan package. We know that some of the retired will continue to work. We provide social insurance premium incentives for those who retire and will continue to work. Our goal is to ensure that post-retirement employees keep this on record.”

Those who have insurance before September 8, 1999 are considered as EYT holders. After the law enacted on this date, the age requirement was extended to 58 for retirement. Before the law, women were entitled to 20 years of insurance and 5 thousand premiums, and men were entitled to retirement when they completed 25 years of insurance and 5 thousand premiums.

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