President Erdoğan addressed the nation after the Cabinet Meeting: (5)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan“We are happy and proud to share a new good news with our nation. Fatih Our Drilling Ship discovered a natural gas reserve of 58 billion cubic meters at 3 thousand 23 meters under the sea during the Çaycuma-1 drilling.”

Erdoğan, Presidential Complexin Cabinet MeetingHe then addressed the nation.

“As we significantly prevent the entry of new irregular immigrants, we will also accelerate the voluntary return of existing immigrants in our country.” Erdogan said, for this SyriaHe stated that they will encourage and support the establishment of new settlements in Turkey.

Erdogan emphasized that they will not let any structure that aims at the peace of the nation, from organized crime organizations to drug dealers, open their eyes.

Underlining that they have determined the use of domestic resources more as one of their main targets in order to reduce foreign dependency in energy, Erdoğan emphasized that they are progressing step by step towards their goals with the critical projects they have implemented, from their huge investments in domestic and renewable resources to the development of domestic distribution networks and international cooperation.

Emphasizing that when they started their oil and natural gas exploration with this understanding, they were exposed to many blackmails, intimidation efforts, embargoes, and open threats from inside and outside, but they never gave up the struggle, they did not back down, and they overcame every obstacle with greater determination, saying, “To push us back. We broke every played for him with patience and perseverance. TurkeyWe have enabled Turkey to carry out these works on its own, with its own ships, its own human resources, its own equipment, without asking permission from anyone, without interfering with anyone.”

This is the reward of their determined and upright efforts. Black SeaStating that they bought 320 billion cubic meters with the first discovery in Turkey, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“With new discoveries over time, our reserve in this field has reached 540 billion cubic meters. We are currently working day and night to offer our domestic natural gas to the service of our nation in 2023. You see the ships. These are drilling ships. There are also two seismic units. We also started and completed some of them. We said that only the sea is not enough, there will be land. Once they found it on land, then they said, ‘There is nothing here,’ and they were throwing the concrete. Now we have brought them all back to life.

Meanwhile Sakarya We also made new drillings in the gas field. Our Fatih Drilling Ship, 29 October On the 99th anniversary of our Republic, it started its new drilling in the Çaycuma-1 field. As a result of the hard work carried out by our teams on the basis of seven days and twenty-four hours a day, we are proud and happy to share another good news with our nation. Our Fatih Drilling Ship discovered a natural gas reserve of 58 billion cubic meters, 3 thousand 23 meters below the sea, in the Çaycuma-1 drilling.

Stating that they expect this figure to be revised upwards with the new detection wells they will open, Erdoğan said, “Our new discovery will open the door to similar discoveries in other geological fields adjacent to the region. We will start new drillings as soon as possible after analyzing the collected data.” said.

Noting that another good news about the Black Sea gas is the revaluation of the previous reserve, President Erdoğan said:

“The most competent and reliable reserve evaluation company in the world produced three-dimensional models of 13 wells we drilled in the field. As a result of the detailed analysis of the data based on these models, our previously announced reserve of 540 billion cubic meters was revised as 652 billion cubic meters. Thus, our gas reserve in the Black Sea, Çaycuma- It has increased by 170 billion cubic meters and reached a total of 710 billion cubic meters with our new discovery in 1. Factors such as the number of wells, pipe size and compressors to be used in the field will determine our production amount in the field. We will connect the gas we discover here to the Sakarya field and integrate it into our national gas system.

With our new discovery and the last valuation of the existing reserve, the natural gas we discovered in the Black Sea today amounts to 1 trillion dollars in international markets. For him, 2023 is very important. Together, we are proud and happy to have brought the greatest economic value of the history of the Republic to our country with 85 million. Hopefully, we will drill more exploration wells in the Black Sea in the coming period, together with two seismic surveys. It will not be enough, MediterrenianWe will also focus on our exploration work in . With the help of our Lord and the support of our nation, we hope to appear before the public with new good news in 2023 and beyond.”

“We will connect the east and the west with energy bridges”

Emphasizing that domestic gas will make a great contribution to the central country goal of the energy field, where significant progress has been made recently, Erdoğan said:

“Currently, with our 7 international natural gas pipelines, 4 LNG facilities, 2 underground natural gas storage facilities and our Organized Wholesale Natural Gas Sales Market, we have all the means necessary to be the center country in energy. Where will the Turkish Stream go? To Thrace. It will be a ‘hub’. From there to where? To the whole West. It will go away from us. RussiaWe will take this step in cooperation with . Our aim is to establish a market in our country where gas will compete with gas.

We are conducting a feverish energy diplomacy in order to add new countries to our system, as well as those who have announced that they will be included in this market. TurkmenistanWhy did we go to AvazaWhy did we go to to take these steps. There, too, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan Let’s take another step together. Caspian, Mediterranean, Middle EastWe are determined to ensure that Turkey is the central point of energy. Just İstanbul ve CanakkaleWe will connect the east and the west not only with our bridges in Turkey, but also with energy bridges. More importantly, we have used this resource for the needs of our nation in other fields, preventing imports of 41.3 billion dollars with the oil and gas production we have made in the last two decades, and we will continue to use it by developing it.”

“Our domestic oil production has reached 80 thousand barrels as of today”

Stating that they carry out oil exploration and drilling activities on land as well as natural gas activities in the seas, Erdoğan emphasized that 635 million barrels have been added to the crude oil reserve with new discoveries and the increase in production in the existing fields in the last 20 years.

Erdoğan, Adana ve Gabar MountainPointing out that with the two new discoveries in Turkey, an additional 6,500 barrels of oil has been produced daily, he continued as follows:

“While we were fighting terrorists in Gabar, we now found oil. From where to where? The one who seeks finds his trouble and his mawla. We found our mawla. Our daily private and public oil production has reached 80 thousand barrels as of today. We will increase our domestic oil production to 100 thousand barrels next year. Our ultimate goal is to completely break our dependence on foreign oil and natural gas and to declare Turkey’s energy independence as soon as possible. We are obliged to work, produce and strive. It is God’s grace… With the hard work of our teams and the prayers of our nation, I hope many more good news “We will share it with our nation. I would like to express my gratitude to all the members of the Turkish Petroleum, from the Minister of Energy to the deputy ministers, to all their teams, especially on behalf of myself and my nation. These works, both at sea and on land, were not ordinary. There is great effort.”

Good news for farmers

Expressing that he wants to give a good news to farmers and consumers, Erdoğan stated that they continue their struggle with those who seek unfair profits by using new tools, taking advantage of the fluctuation in the global commodity markets after the epidemic.

Expressing that they had previously implemented a series of discounts in fertilizer and mixed animal feed, which are among the basic needs of farmers in this context, Erdoğan stated that with a new step, the prices of chemical fertilizers and mixed animal feed, which are the most important inputs of farmers, will be reduced and price fixation will be made. President Erdogan continued as follows:

“Agricultural Credit Cooperatives will offer a discount of up to 13 percent on DAP, urea, ammonium sulphate, 20-20 and nitropower chemical fertilizers, which are used extensively in the spring. My Minister of Agriculture and Forestry should follow this business closely. Likewise, 5 percent in compound feed. Discounts of up to .

At least as importantly, we fix fertilizer and feed prices until the end of April. If there is a decrease in fertilizer and feed prices in favor of our producers during this period, we will of course reflect this. But the new price list will not be affected by the increases.”

“600 types of products will be offered for sale at the cheapest price at 2,170 service points of Tarım Kredi”

Noting that another good news is for consumers, Erdoğan said:

“600 kinds of products will be offered for sale at the cheapest price at 2,170 service points in total, including 1520 cooperatives, 400 mini cooperatives and 250 koop grocery stores of Tarım Kredi. Basic necessities… As it is known, Agricultural Credit Cooperatives not only support our farmers before production, but also produce the product. In other words, a direct channel is established between the producer-Agricultural Credit-consumer. Thus, it is possible to offer some products for sale at the most affordable prices. The discounts at the Agricultural Credit sales points, which we aim to increase to 3,000 in the first half of the next year, have started as of today. I wish these good news that we give to our producers and consumers to be beneficial.”

Family Pointing out that the Support Program payments will also be brought forward, Erdoğan made the following statements:

“We are withdrawing the Family Support Program payments, which will be made in the first week of January, with a total of 13 billion liras to 3 million beneficiaries, before the beginning of the year. The shelter support, which is among the aids given to the needy houses, ranges from 150 thousand liras to 200 thousand liras in the construction of prefabricated houses, and 200 thousand liras in the construction of reinforced concrete houses. “We are increasing the amount of support given for house repairs to the level of 35 thousand to 100 thousand liras. I wish these regulations to be beneficial to the beneficiaries.”


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