President Erdoğan spoke at the ‘Century of Turkey-Century of Values ​​Programme’: (2)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan“The Jacobin mentality that looks down on its own people has no place and will never have a place in today’s Turkey. Just as today’s Turkey is more free and more prosperous than yesterday’s, I hope tomorrow’s Turkey will be better than today.” said.

President Erdogan, MardinIn his speech at the “Century of Turkey-Century of Values ​​Program” held in a hotel in Istanbul, he said that they allocated a budget for the construction of new churches within the scope of the studies carried out to enable non-Muslim citizens to fulfill their religious obligations.

Erdoğan explained that a 50-year-old Greek Publishing House started its activities in 2012, and that they allowed places of worship such as churches and synagogues under the administration of the General Directorate of Foundations to be allocated to minority foundations free of charge.

İstanbul improvisationReminding that the Sacred Heart Church in Turkey was allocated to the Syriac Catholic Church Foundation free of charge for 49 years, Erdoğan said, Hatayroom Mar John at the church cheeky He stated that it was given to the Greek Orthodox Church Foundation free of charge.

President Erdoğan stated that they established an institute within the body of Artuklu University, where postgraduate education, training, scientific studies and applications will be carried out in the field of living languages, Literature He stated that they have activated the departments related to Kurdish and Syriac in his Faculty.

Expressing that they have taken many historical steps to protect the rights and laws of non-Muslim citizens and expand their freedom of worship, Erdoğan said that they will continue to work for 85 million people from now on.

“Behind every regulation we make and every reform we implement, there is an effort to make our people of other faiths feel and show that they are first class citizens of this country. We never seek abuse or hypocrisy. In this way, we actually fulfill our own faith. It requires respecting and even supporting believers on common humanitarian grounds. Omar‘e, SeljukIt is possible to come across countless examples of this understanding in our history from the Ottoman Empire to the Ottoman Empire. We have now left behind the hesitations of the first periods of our Republic, which we see as a reflection of the suffering experienced in the last periods of the Ottoman Empire.”

“This land where we live freely is the common roof of all of us”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasized that Turkey has the self-confidence to protect all its citizens and provide them with rights and opportunities. Stating that the last example of this is the regulations regarding Alevi Bektashi citizens that have been implemented in the past months, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“In the Century of Turkey, we will work and fight together, having overcome all the troubles of the past and locked on to our common goals. Republic of TurkeyAs a state, it is the state of all 85 million people with their Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis and Alevis, not the tutelageists who are the watchdogs of the imperialists among us. The gentle waving crescent and star in the sky is the flag of all of us. This homeland, on which we live freely, is our common roof. Anatolia and Thrace, with all their beauties, is our common home. No matter what belief, view or origin we belong to, we all act with the awareness that we are in the same boat. Because of the language and culture of my Kurdish brothers, because of the disposition of my Alevi brothers, because of the lifestyle of my devout brothers, because of the beliefs of my non-Muslim citizens, in short, the old understanding of the state, in which millions of people other than a handful of elite minorities are discriminated against, is completely a thing of the past. The Jacobin mentality that looks down on its own people has no place and will never exist in today’s Turkey. Just as today’s Turkey is more free and more prosperous than yesterday’s, I hope tomorrow’s Turkey will be better than today’s.”

President Erdoğan said that the vision of the Century of Turkey, which will shape the next century of the nation, is shaped with this sensitivity.

Expressing that they are determined to transform the next century, such as Mardin, into a century in which all cities that are on the world heritage list, such as Mardin, reach the level they deserve, Erdoğan said, “The cultural richness in the fabric of these ancient cities will contribute to the increase of the wealth and prosperity of the city through the cultural economy.” he said.

-“By building newer new hotels, we will make this place much different”

Stating that the number of visitors coming to Mardin this year is 3 million, Erdoğan said, “What does this mean, Mardin is an attraction right now. Hotels are not enough anymore, we will make this place very different by building new hotels. We will work with culture development agencies. We are taking the first step to realize this potential.” said.

Stating that they will introduce the skills of the Syriac filigree masters, who have been working in Mardin for 3,000 years, to the world, Erdoğan said, “We will reintroduce our artists, who designed and built works that have been considered the pinnacle of architecture for generations.” used the phrases.

President Erdoğan said to a Mardin stonemason that there are no stonemasons left, ” my master“You will train new masters,” he said.

Stating that Mardin’s stonemasonry is not an ordinary event, Erdoğan said, “We also hung out with our governor and said, ‘Build a cultural center here with Mardin stone so that we can hold our meetings in that centre.’ We said. he said.

Stating that they will protect the thousands-year-old legacy of geography together and that they will march towards the Turkish Century by saying “not tomorrow, right now”, Erdoğan said, “Mardin, the place where the century of values, one of the titles of the vision of our Turkish Century, is lived and kept alive, will be both our source of inspiration and our companion.” used the phrases.

“I invite you to get together around the vision of the Century of Turkey”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also advised the youth to learn history and culture well, and to embrace values ​​with their hearts, and continued as follows:

“If you do not have this level of civilization awareness, someone will come and make you an enemy to your own past, to your own brother, to your own people. Do not forget that Turks against Kurds, Sunnies against Alevis, Muslims against Christians and Jewish Every project that tries to confront one part of our people with another, regardless of the reason, is the product of the enemies of this land and its inhabitants. We have come to this many times in the past, and we have paid the heaviest financial and moral cost. Only in the last ten years have we witnessed many examples of this together. Praise be to the nation, we have reached a level of understanding that can recognize this as soon as we see it and take steps to disrupt it. With the strength and confidence we derive from our democratic and economic gains, we look to our future with hope. I invite you and all our citizens to come together around the vision of the Century of Turkey.”

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